How To Quit Your Job?

If you don’t have tons of money lying around in your bank account, then don’t quit your job. It might be tempting to try your hands at freelancing or the entrepreneur thing, but once you lose that job, all your time will be focused on getting money for food and rent.

Passion is fantastic, and you should work to have that. But if you are going to let go off a job that pays you, then you will find yourself in a bad situation.

Here is the thing: if you find a job that pays you enough or more for a passion project of yours, then leave your current job.

Else, stay on your job and pursue your passion for weekends and holidays because that money you get paid will allow you to be stress-free when you are doing your creative expression.

But you need to consider, do you even need to quit your job. Maybe you are with the wrong manager or wrong project.

See if you can get yourself transferred to a better project or a manager with whom you have better bonding. Many people feel the need to look for a better job because they don’t feel fulfilled. Try to achieve that in your current position, maybe the solution lies in your current job itself.

Money Is Important

No matter how much other people say, money is an essential factor. If you need to choose between your passion and money, then select cash. Because if you choose money then eventually you will have the freedom to follow your passion too.

But if you stuck with passion with less money, then you will end up with stressed life, and soon you will find your passion not so passionate.

The ultimate goal in life is to be happy. And for that, you need to eliminate all the things which might be stressful.

Almost 80 percent of the problems can be solved by money. And the rest like a relationship problem, inner peace, and focus – you can work on better if you have your money problem sorted out.

If you need to figure out where your next meal is going to come from then no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to have a calm mind.

The struggle gets amplified when there is a lack of money. The corollary is true, too – having money pushes you to live a better-managed life.

The Combination

Yes, a job that is your passion is the holy grail. But the chances of happening that is rare. And with time, your passion might evolve, change completely, and sometimes you might find happiness in other things.

All of which is normal. The best thing is to have a ‘me’ time in your schedule. So that every day, you work on your passion.

It can be anything like dancing, writing, or sketching. Dedicate half an hour for that activity. And you can live a fulfilled life.

Even if your job is stressful and you don’t like indulging in that activity. Doesn’t matter see it as a bargain for the money and the freedom which comes from it.

Now go and make something you are proud of. And if you are short of money, take that job – it’s alright.