How To Plan And Execute A Party Like A Boss

Parties are a cool social gathering, and you can host one. You just have to figure out what everyone wants and not do that. Of course, you can try to please everyone, but then you would need to host ten different parties at the same time.

So what’s the alternative – first you need to figure out how many people are coming. A cramped space is something no one likes.

The more room to move, the better. Also, what is the theme of the party? Is it a birthday then you would need good lighting, or is it a party for a celebration then there needs to be a dance floor. The lightning needs to have multiple frequencies so you can change them if the mood doesn’t fit.

Oh yes, you need a sound system – a good one. Because the dance floor doesn’t make you go hopping. It is the fine music and host skills which makes people go crazy on the dance.

Is there alcohol which will be allowed – some people will overdo it. What arrangements have you made to make sure, it doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Set The Expectations

When you send in the invite for the party – write in a basic itinerary. What are all the things which are going to happen? And are everyone supposed to attend, or is it as per choice? What type of food and drinks is going to be served?

This helps people with preferences adjust accordingly and decide if they are going to come. If you are expecting gifts, tell them. Also, be clear about what is acceptable. Or if you prefer no gifts, explicitly mention so.

How long is the party going to go on? Would there be a drop facility? The key here is to make your friends visualize what the party is going to look like just by the invitation card.

So they can make a good decision to show up and with the proper expectations. Also, don’t work too hard on the design of the card. Keep it simple but attractive. Make sure the content gets highlighted. And it is easy to get the address – may be a QR code to scan and then get the GPS co-ordinates.

Better send the e-invite to the friends on SMS or the email. Go digital, make it easy to send and resend.


Party would become memorable because of one surprise. Schedule everything as per the invite. Add one surprising thing to cheer everyone up. It can be a game or an activity where kids sing. Or maybe you invite someone famous to perform.

Whatever it is – keep it short. Because if it is terrible, it will end quickly. And if it is good, people will cherish it after the party.

What To Wear

The dress is the most thought upon think when people go to the party. Make it easy for them – give them three choices. For example, ‘jeans and tee’ or ‘jeans and shirt’ or ‘joggers and shirt’ would do. This makes it easy for people to come dress as amazing. And the party would look good with a variety of dressed people, but not too edgy.

Is there going to be a best-dressed competition – do inform it. And keep funny prizes, so everyone enjoys the process.

Ample Food & Water

A party has failed if the food or water goes low. No matter what kind of party, make sure not even a single item of food goes out of stock.

Because if it does, then the party had failed for the majority of the people. Food is the saviour for a boring party.

Give tasty food and drinks up to the contentment of people, and you will be ensured that the party gets remembered again and again.

Have Fun

And the best thing you should do is have fun while you are at the party. Things will get heated, some things will fail. Don’t lose your cool. Smile and move on to enjoy the party. If someone makes a nuisance and escort them and don’t engage them.

Keep the rhythm of the party going on. Avoid targeting one person all the time. Make sure to include everyone in the conversation.

Some people will feel left out. Make sure at least you, as a host engages in the conversation. Try to plan activities such that there is a requirement of teamwork. Don’t force too much. Let people naturally play it fun.

After the party is over, take feedback from some close and trusted people. And then next time, try to take care of the goof ups. Rinse and repeat – and now everyone will be looking forward to your party.