How To Overcome Procrastination

It’s easy to put things away for later. Because that’s the default. You need no energy to exercise being lazy.

But when you want to do something – anything then you have to get up. Resist the urge to do nothing. And then give up entertaining things. Passive entertainment makes you feel like you are doing something.

For example, when you wake up – you take the phone. And start scrolling. Maybe the things you watch are videos of the action. Recipe videos, workout videos or plain comedy. Byt watching them, you feel happy, and you are engaged. You feel like you are doing something. But you are just there laying down and consuming a lot.

Also, the endless scrolling makes things tough for you. There are hardly any apps on your phone, which tells you to stop using them after some time.

They want you to waste all your time on the app. Because your attention is valuable to them. And while you procrastinate, someone else is earning off from your attention.

That’s not bad unless all you do in a day is consume and let others feed off from your laziness.

How to make sure you don’t procrastinate? Better how to do things in such a way that when you consume and become laid back, you don’t feel guilty.

Not Thinking

Brushing your teeth at night is more important than brushing your teeth in the morning. But often, you are asked to brush your teeth in the morning. And you hardly brush your teeth at night.

If you have to make a choice every day on whether to brush your teeth at night, then you will be struggling.

Because sometimes, you will make a choice to brush and other times not to brush. And you will slowly end up not brushing at all. Because you will keep putting off the brushing until it becomes a norm for you.

The alternative is to make the decision once. Sit down – think all you can. And then decide. Whatever it is. If it is brushing your teeth at night. Then set a calendar with time. So when the time comes, simply go and brush the teeth. It can be quick and not efficient.

Slowly, it will become second nature for you. Because you aren’t thinking while doing that. For example, many things which you do are automatic. You put oil in your hair after showering. You put on socks before putting on shoes.

Most things happen in your life only when you make it a habit. Think once and execute daily. Without thinking. Because thinking hinders you. Whatever you want to do – think hard and put it on the calendar. Slowly you will have things to do every day. So you won’t be procrastinating.

Because you will have things to do – no matter what. And you can not feel guilty for consuming entertainment or relaxing.


When you want to do something, deadlines help a lot. For example, if you are committing to writing a book – you will procrastinate a lot. But when you put a deadline, it will push you to do the writing.

Go and tell your friends, share online that you will ship a copy of your book to your top 3 friends on a date. If you want to compose a song, then commit to the distribution that the song will be ready by a certain date. This way, you are pushing yourself to do things. Even if you are lazy.

And as a professional, you need to have deadlines. Either from others or from yourself. So that the important work gets done.

Do It In Groups

Reading a book might take you a month or a year. If you are doing it alone. But when you join a book club, things change.

Because you are supposed to meet every week and share chapter which you read. And everyone does the same. In a way, you read 4 chapters being in the group. Also, the book gets read in a timed manner.

This is an extension of the deadline hack. Because you are in a group, you have to show up with something. Or do something when you show up.

If you want to run, join a running group. If you want to lose weight, join a gym with friends. So you have to show up because else you will fail in front of them. And then when in the gym, you have to do things together.

It is a bonding activity as well as helps you stop procrastinating and do something. The trick is to be in groups which do things more than you do. So you can always keep inspiring yourself.

Being in a group also makes you accountable. You have to answer your peers about work or progress.

Do Stuff Immediately In The Morning

The procrastination happens a tiny bit, and then it keeps on happening. Instead of doing that, resist the urge and do something.

When you wake up, do a small task immediately. It can be making beds, watering plants or buying bread. This will set the rhythm and then do the things you want to do. Don’t think. Just do it.

If you shift it to evening or another day, then chances of it happening diminishes. Do it immediately. Pro tip: Block 2 hours in the morning to just do stuff. No television, internet or games. Just you and the things you want to accomplish.

If you are feeling lazy, then sit there and meditate. But don’t consume anything. Let the time pass. Slowly, your body and mind will feel energized to do things. And even if you meditate for 2 hours that is better than mindlessly consuming entertaining things.

Your life is timed. And you have limited hours, and they fly by fast. You can let things happen to you. Or you can take charge, plan and do things.

Remember, you have the power. First believe, plan and do a small execution. And then things will happen with the flow. Go, rock your life.