How To Make Better Decisions?

Elections are crazy. Because the politicians try hard to market in any way possible, send vague messages and do things which might be considered weird. All of this to ensure either you vote for them or don’t go to voting.

The motto is simple – the fewer people voting means fewer people to attract to your ideologies.

And more often than not, the race isn’t to become the best leader. But rather to use the power to earn more money and influence.

If you analyze a political campaign, you can see the hard-hitting messages. Which connects deeply on a particular issue. And the goal is to have your mind react in an instant. For example, seeing a post about ‘Trump’ supporting ‘Guns’ would make you vote for him if you are in favor of guns.

At this instant – their job is done. By making you chose in an instant, they have won the game. And you made a poor decision – which you will understand in retrospect. So how to deal with this scenario, can you win this game..?

The Opposite

So how do make decisions which is beneficial, good and better for you. The trick is to let the information soak in and learn more about them.

For example, if someone says ‘X’ company is better for you then dig deep to find how the employee’s feel after working 1 year for that company, how’s the appraisal and why people leave the company.

By getting more information and you doing the work to find them, there will be less bias.

And as such, you can make decisions considering the long-term benefit. And not on instant gratification.

Any company can provide a big bonus for joining. But your decision of joining them depends on how they treat you afterward, is their fair play and how they boast their employees’ growth.

It Can Be Wrong

Not all decisions can be bulletproof. And that’s the beauty of it. But thinking about long-term, taking information from all angles would help you make better decisions with minimal damage.

And that should be your goal to be better. Also, there can be decision fatigue when you try to decide on many things in life.

So instead of focusing on what to eat on the weekend party – you can focus on which house to buy, choosing your partner and investment options. There are 3 to 5 macro decisions in your life which will impact the 80 percent of your life. So let them take the time, don’t decide on your dream home in a day.

Search, research, read and then take a decision considering the long-term view. Making sure your big decisions are in place, you can leave the small decisions to others.

Which soap to buy isn’t big of a deal and shouldn’t be – buy anything. What job, house or partner you need to have are big of a deal – take your time.