How To Live Better Life

No matter you’re financial status, your life is determined by what goes in your mind.

If you think about world ending in your head all day long, then you will live a little worrisome life. Or if you think that it’s a big deal when it’s not – you will be anxious all the time.

Your mind, what you see, store and let it interact decides your well being.

So how can you improve your life or your mind…

Can You Do Anything

Many times the thinking gets too much. And it ruins the moment. For example, there might something in the office which needs to be done.

But it’s weekend and you are thinking about things which might happen on Monday.

The question you need to ask is – can you anything to get it done now. Chances are the answer is no because you aren’t in office.

Then stop thinking and live for what’s in front of you. Sure, that thought might come, let it pass. Because there is literally nothing you can do. So why waste the present.

One Step At A Time

If you have many things to take care of, your mind can get all the wonky and you will live in paralysed state and get nothing done.

Instead focus on one thing at a time. Get it done. No matter whatever other things are or appear to be. You should do things one at a time.

That way you can actually get things done. And you will realise things get better this way.


The simplest way to meditate is to let yourself get bored.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes. And focus on your thoughts. Let them come and think over them. Do it for one hour everyday.

Worst thing – you sleep. The best thing – your clear your thoughts.

And clear your mind – and that’s the best thing to have to live a better life. Everything else gets sorted, go try it.