How To Get Ideas

Ideas ain’t original – at least most of them. Because whatever you are about to say has been told 100 time before. But your stories, perspective and experience might be different and that’s how you become you.

Being a writer, you need to have tonnes of ideas to flesh out an article. And it gets hard to come up with meaningful content to help, impact and inspire you guys. It is a constant battle to bring out something fresh and sometimes golden old content.

But how do always have a running list of ideas to go with. Is there some trick to it? Let’s find out…


Not eating calories is easier than losing those calories. Many people go to gym for the weight loss, muscle building and becoming powerful. But it is tough to go each day and do the routine.

Because training everyday requires time and ability to take the hit in various parts of body. Someday it is leg day other times it is just arms workout so that specific day your arms or leg will hurt the most. Additionally you need to take care of your diet throughout the day.

And still you won’t achieve anything at least for a long time. Yes, your muscle strength will increase but weight loss and big muscles won’t be visible for maybe 6 months and more.

By that time, you might have lost hope or give in mid-way and started something new to experiment.

Ask any person who has lost weight or build muscle – they will tell you it takes immense patience, reps and consistency to stick to the plan. Each day you need to go in and do the work. No excuse – if you want results then you do the thing.

Learning Head Stand

Doing a still head stand is tough – when I tried it first time I fell hard on my back. The pain sensation told me to stop trying and do something else. But then I figured to put some cushion on the floor and tried again.

I repeatedly failed multiple times in a day, week and months. Yes, there seemed progress with the amount of time I could hold a head stand – from 0 to 4 seconds. But still I wasn’t in control and I would always fall hard. And I did it again and again until one day, I didn’t fell. I shifted my weight and I fell when I wanted to.

Then I started practicing soft landings and boom now I can do headstand for more than 1 minute and the landing depends on my muscle wish. I am the one in control and not gravity acting on it.

While learning this I experienced one thing – you have to keep at things even when you are bad to reach a stage where you become good.


Yes, the road to doing something everyday is difficult and painful. For me, getting ideas was tough because I need to take note of many ordinary things happening and get something of value.

Then slowly as I did the exercise each day, my subconscious mind took over and now I need to do the daily thing and boom an idea or 2 will pop up from time to time. But it has only became possible because of the sheer practice I did everyday.

Want to get better at something you care about, how about do it everyday – leveling up one step at a time.