How To Focus on The Internet?

And grow on the Internet by taking advantage of it's power while avoiding procrastination.

When there is literally the whole world at your fingertips, it get difficult.

The Internet has given you all the options in the world but also made you paralyzed. Too many choices often makes for no choice.

You get inspired, then focus on that another thing and then there is a new thing on the horizon. Distractions after distractions - you end up doing less in the Internet world.

One Big Thing

The first step to solve this is to choose one big thing you want to contribute to. It can be writing, exercise or coding an app. Next you need to commit to doing the thing for the next 100 days.

No quality, only quantity. Day in and day out - you need to get those reps in. This will force you to get the work done. The quality will come once you put in the quantity.

And finally, once you have got that muscle memory and habit going on for you, then improve one thing from the last time. Keep doing this. And you will have grown in that chosen area like a boss.

The transition you require is 100 days of quantity and then focus on quality. One day you become the success you envisioned but it starts with day one.

Have A Timer

The Internet is an addictive place and the entertainment apps are all designed to suck you in.

It's all good to be entertained and pass your time for relaxing. But be aware. Which is a tough thing to achieve with endless scrolls. So, get a timer of any sorts. Be it an exclusive app or a physical one.

If you intend to spend 1 hour on YouTube then stop after that. Spend the rest of time on making progress on your one big thing.

Now go start creating...