How To Do Better Project Management?

Your life is a series of projects you do. And if you don’t live your life as such then in your work environment, there will be projects. Regardless, it helps if you live your life as a series of projects.

It’s better and makes you avoid the traditional definition of success in life.

The Traditional Route

Every company has projects. That’s how the work is done. Either you can not acknowledge this, and there will be random workflow. Or you can consider everything as project work and do it better. But often, in many companies, there are bad managers.

Who is trained in doing everything they can to control the below working? And often this doesn’t result in good work.

The employees do the work, but they have to dodge many bullets. It’s like in your company people are working for and against your goals.

This creates tension, and slowly you realize there are more problems every month, and the clients are complaining. But somehow you don’t know what or how to do it better. You are stuck. Everyone is using a different system and understanding about how projects should move ahead. And it results in chaos everywhere.

You are in the dark about how much better the work can be. And also about the true potential of your firm.

Everyone has their heart in the right place. It’s the understanding and working of the project is different, and there is micromanagement going on. Too much hierarchy and power showcase often result in bad or less work.

Illusion Of Control

If you work in a traditional setting where for everything you have to ask. And then confirm what is required. And hope that you got it right then it won’t go right ever.

Things not written down often gets forgotten, or it’s not done to perfection. When things go wrong, you don’t know how it happened. So, you don’t have any hope to make it any better.

A project has to well crafted and defined in its entirety. And when you do this across your whole firm, it gets better.

Because everyone is using the same system, understands the same meaning and just focus on doing their part.

When you decide that your control is more important than getting work done, that happens. You get the illusion of control.

But the work suffers. Remember, projects are a collaboration effort. And everyone has to feel they are important and know what is expected, how and the path. That’s how you do effective project management.

Chaos And Rectifying

Often there is fear, uncertainty and manipulation. Which ruins the working of an organization. Or at the least, it hampers the growth.

Managers don’t mean you have to stand by the shoulders and force someone. Nor does it mean to incite fear to get work done. And it certainly doesn’t help to make your fellow workers feel they are below someone.

Chaos happens. And then you are left with rectifying things. But you are lost. Because the project has taken for a toss.

There is a better way to deal with this. Your workers are a fellow along with you. You share a common goal.

Proactive Approach

It has to start with an approach to treat the work within and with your clients as a project—one which helps you to do things and get to the completion faster and in a better fulfilling way.

Here are some things to do better, generous work:

  • Treating everyone has a fellow and giving that vibe
  • Defining the project and implementing a uniform management software
  • Everyone aware of their roles and how they should perform
  • Transparency so that everyone knows about the timeline and how far work is needed
  • Promotion or bonuses tied to the work delivered, no surprises
  • Being proactive by creating an environment of comfort, honesty and generosity
  • Communication over email or similar software
  • Upfront about how and when things are supposed to get delivered
  • Analysis to help your employees and not mock or suppress them
  • Good pay so no one feels they are tricked or slaved
  • A hope to do better things in a better way and a belief too
  • No manipulation, instead an environment to welcome and grow
  • Everything is a project, its defined, how it’s done, who will do, and when
  • As a manager or owner, you don’t micromanage, you give onus to others
  • You encourage whatever your employees desires are to grow

The future is about the studios of many industries. There won’t be monopolies running the entire world. As such, the project culture and managing them is more important than ever.

You first have to imbibe the feeling and then execute it like a boss. Because everyone working for you is a boss, you have given them this autonomy. They thrive, the project thrives, and you thrive. Project management can go wrong in many ways.

You can do it right, it starts with your intentions and generosity. And there is always more demand for it.