How To Do Bad Customer Service

When you pay for a product or service, you have many choices. Hence, ,many people go with the cheapest plan. Because that saves money. And you think bearing minute headaches is okay in the long run.

Thus, I ended up buying few of the cheapest service. But then the customer service turned out to be bad. After switching to multiple service, I found out that the many business despite being small or big don’t know how to do a good customer service.

So here it is a bulleted partial list of all the things which is a bad customer service.

  1. Your business don’t have a toll-free number
  2. You do have a toll-free number but keep waiting the customers for more than 1 minute.
  3. Lack of empathy
  4. Not registering the complaint despite how weird it may sound
  5. Not having database to call customer by first name
  6. Not intimating and laying out steps when rolling out big changes
  7. Changing the one to one relation when your business goes big
  8. Regular service problems
  9. Putting the blame on customer
  10. Lying about the situation
  11. Not following up with a call regarding the unsolved issue
  12. Deferring email follow-up to call and vice-versa
  13. Charging differently for the same service to different customers
  14. Giving promotional offers to only new customers
  15. Not offering multiple modes of payment
  16. Selling data which is not consented to third-party
  17. Not having digital ways to update small things
  18. Absence of introductory step-by-step direction
  19. Giving discount when the customer threatens to leave
  20. Too much check box when customer needs to cancel service or return product

If you are business then these are things to avoid. And if you are the customer then you can identify which business or service is giving you bad customer service.

Drip by drip – one at time, work on it to make the overall customer satisfaction on the positive side. Good luck.

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