How To Create A Stellar Productive Month

To put it simply — productivity is doing more in the same time-frame. For example, if you could write 2 articles in 1 hour instead of 1 article, then you have become productive.

You can achieve this doubling result if you don’t let procrastination hit you. Because no matter what you do — you tend to get distracted, and the laser focus attention only lasts for one hour or two.

But how you can be productive over a month. The wrong way to do that is to have a to-do list for each day and then check them off.

Seems nice in the beginning but it wears off because you lose the momentum. And then you start skipping some of the to-do-list and next thing you know — you are not following them. Maybe you will try it next month.

The Big Goal

First, you need to identify your big goal for the month. For example, it can be something like –

  • Write 10 articles
  • Have dinners with 4 friends
  • Complete 4 lessons of guitar

That’s the total goal for the month. At this point, you will be tempted to divide it and do them one day at a time.

I suggest — you let it breathe. Because your days aren’t the same. Some days you are energetic, and another day you feel like doing nothing.

One day you might be motivated to do ten different things, and the next day you will be busy with some unexpected obstacle. So you should work on your big goal daily but not so much too.

The Humans

You are not a machine like a chocolate dispenser. A chocolate dispenser dispenses one chocolate per minute for an hour every day. You, on the other hand, can do more than the chocolate dispenser. Also, along the way, you would have found some different approach to maximize your output.

Your work is like a sprint. You run like a cheetah and then rest for an extended period. And then you strike again.

The idea is to let the slow phase be. Accept it and do the boring stuff or get done with other obligations.

And when you are on fire, take one of your goal like writing 10 articles — and then write. Don’t stop until you feel exhausted. And you will see that you have written at least 3 articles at a stretch.

The trick is that you will be able to complete your monthly goals by sprinting in your high energy mode. And doing the work with laser focus. Also allowing yourself to rest in between.

Adjust Over Three Month

Do the exercise for a month — either you will have accomplished your goals or missed some. Not to worry or go crazy. Continue with the same goal and discipline for the next month and then another month.

After three months, you would have accomplished all the goals which you set out for. If you missed something by 20 per cent, then it is fine. For example, if you wrote 24 articles instead of 30 over 3 months, then it is okay.

But if you missed something by 40 per cent, then you need to take action. For example, if you wrote 18 articles instead of 30 over 3 months, then it ain’t okay.

You need to either adjust your goals to 18 articles. Or you need to add something new to the goal if you feel ambitious. Don’t beat yourself to the head — often this is a reminder that low priority things will fall out, and your goals will self-adjust.

Embrace them and go with 100 per cent with the goals, which makes sense to you. Often you would say running is important to you, but when you set out a goal — you don’t run. This means you don’t consider running as important to you. Not an issue — find something else which achieves a similar result. Try swimming for being in shape.

Over To You

Also, don’t be productive for the sake of being busy. If you want to be happy by doing 3 things and those are accomplished in one hour — then you can do whatever you wish to in the remaining hours of the day.

Don’t define your productive hours or days in comparison. Find out what you want, experiment, add and subtract — remember your productivity should help you propel. You decide you — be happy, and that’s what matters the most.