How To Choose Your Role Models?

Michael Phelps is an incredible swimmer. He has won the most number of gold medals in the Olympics as an individual. And that’s a feat ten folds above the imagination because the Olympics is already a hard enough event.

Athletes – best from every country compete and then they come to the Olympics to become the world champion.

So winning many events multiple times is an exceptional feat. Not many athletes could replicate their best performance.

Sure enough, he is an inspiration to many people. And for me, he represents the epitome of physical and mental determination. When you think of a task which seems impossible, think of Michael Phelps and you can smile and work harder. Because chances are you can achieve them – put in more effort, take training and do the sprint.

But he is a swimming legend. So does that mean you need to be doing swimming to see him as a hero.

Should you focus on finding the hero in your field or you can take inspiration from anywhere – let’s find out…


If you are a swimmer who aspires to become the best in your region or the world then seeing Michael Phelps work will inspire you.

And you can look many heroes other than Phelps in swimming to see their training, motivation, and technique. Slowly you can improve your form to go from good to better.

Being in the same field as yours, they can talk about specific things which will help you relate and find the pain points.

They might talk about their first swimming session, exhaustion from training and how they formed the habit of going to training every day. What is high elevation training and how having big lungs can impact your swimming career.

So, finding a hero in the work you do helps you see things clearly and you may take actions by using their experience.

But heroes are everywhere. And it is you who decides how to take their talk, interviews, and life to make changes in your life. So your heroes don’t necessarily have to come from the same sport – it can.

The best combo is to find heroes in your work like swimming and from other fields which is different.

This can help you see things from an objective perspective because there isn’t any emotional attachment. So, what’s the criteria to find people to follow and take their journey to have an impact on your life.

My Hero

My passion is dance and writing – and I consider myself a lifelong teacher. Michael Phelps is still my hero. Because of his passion, determination, and feat which astonishes, inspires and moves me.

The fact that he won so many gold medals in a sport I admire the most makes him my darling.

I love to see his training, his past, and mistakes. This sets the tone that there will be many areas where you can fail.

But if you are determined and work hard to give in your best, results will show. So maybe I don’t become the best dancer in the world – his work motivates me to become the best in a certain type of dance in a certain region.

Every day, it is practice time. When Michael Phelps works harder after getting his gold, it shows you can’t rest if you want to become the best.

On the contrary, you have to keep on leveling yourself so your past self seems far back and your future is always evolving.

You Choose

So get your heroes from any field you like, as long as they propel you to become better – you are fine.

And choosing someone from various fields can help you find the common thread in the masters. What is the thing that stays the same among the best in their respective field.

Learn from them, make your paths and do the work you are proud of. Each day you are tested, make your chosen heroes proud.