How To Become Famous Writer?

1.Write daily. The more you write, the more you will churn out bad writings. But occasionally, there will be few gems. And that will make it all worth it.

2. Read a lot, probably different genres. Because often when you read something which is in your expertise, you start to see similar styles and topics where you don’t feel the need to read thoroughly. Also, it helps you to not get exhausted from reading from a single genre. Your mind doesn’t get frustrated because you are throwing in some variety.

3. Aim to become a better writer. One whose aim is to bring out change, challenge things, and give her opinion. Once you emphasize on famous, you start to lose your track. The more you focus on your craft, the more it will help you in weird ways to become famous.

4. Even if you have one reader, that means one human being has raised her hand and asked you to lead the way. That is amazing. So when you see 100 views on your article, imagine a room full of 100 human beings. That is magnificent. Define what is famous for you – seeing numbers as human beings put you in a different game altogether, and maybe that’s the point.

5. Don’t do it for money because that will be disappointing. Writing isn’t the best way to earn a living. Most writers have a second job. And the ones who are making money often are in the top 5 percent.

6. Submit your best articles to a different publication. Often you will be tempted to keep the best at your home blog. But the more you share on separate reputed publication, the more your authority will rise. Keep a balance – 3 articles on your home blog and one on a reputed publication.

7. Experience different things by trying something new like a beginner. This will help you have a beginner mindset and make you see things differently. And ultimately, it will reflect on your writing habit.

8. Fail fast. Write that book, start that blog, and apply for that internship. Once you have done, that failed, write another book, write another article on your blog, and upgrade your skills to get that job again. Hard work is still required to get up in your career and ultimately become something people call famous.

9. Write down what you want to accomplish in 1 year. And then work as hard as you can daily without thinking about the end goal. Once that year is over, chances are you haven’t accomplished everything you had set out to. But that’s okay because you have achieved something. And that means you can achieve, even more, keep hustling.

10. It’s okay to quit something entirely and start something new. Ignoring sunk costs – time you have given is beneficial to have forward momentum in life. Regardless, become famous in something else. The steps remain the same.