How To Become A Creator On The Internet?

Internet has provided you with all the entertainment stops. You can open the YouTube app and watch interviews, music or movies for hours. These days the podcast are at least one hour long on YouTube.

Or you can open Twitter, Instagram or any other social media and get lost scrolling for hours. The reason for this is simple - the apps are designed in such a way that you spend all your time on them.

The more time you spend on the apps, the more ads you will see and more these apps will earn. They don't care about your mental health or any other impacts.

So how do you break off from this and become a creator because that's how you grow in life.

Be Aware, Set Scheduled Times

The first step to break from these dopamine cycle is to bring aware of them. It's not wrong to spend your time on these app. Just be aware of how much time you want to spend and then spend only that much time.

You can do these by scheduling your time. A simple framework can be - 1 hour for YouTube for entertainment, 1 hour for Reddit and then 1 hour for research on something you want to create.

And then spending the rest of the time creating that thing. It can be music, codes, writing, etc. The idea isn't to publish daily but rather create daily.

Promise Yourself

Make a promise with self to create daily. And make it a habit by consciously doing it for a month. Then this will be integrated into your habit.

So you may end up spending hours on scrolling mindlessly but you will end up creating something. Congratulations you are now a creator on the Internet.

The next step is to improve upon your creation, learn from it and understand on how to appeal to a niche audience.

A quick tip is to schedule your creation first thing in the morning or the first hour you get free. This way you will have done with your creation for the day. And you won't feel guilty for spending rest of your day on scrolling dopamine shots.

Now go and create something - first steps leads to multiple steps leads to your journey of being a creator.