How To Be A Better Person

The first thing you need to do is take an inspection within you.

Who are you, what do you think, what is your conscience. Sometimes the society makes an opinion about you.

And they may be right, but they can be wrong too. Who you are actually only one person can know that. And that person is you, every other person can make some judgment.

But that’s all they’re making – a judgment.

There can be miscommunication. There can be mis-judgment. And that’s life. Who you are? Meditate. Accept yourself, do the right thing.

What do you think is the right?

There may be times when you think that doing this thing is right. And the society will say, otherwise, then you need to see whether it is criminal and stop, don’t do it.

But if it’s a taboo thing. You can do it. As long as you’re not harming someone.

For example, If you like wearing a particular dress and the society thinks it is taboo. Wear it at your home, doesn’t harm anyone, nothing illegal happened.

Yes, you can try some experiments to do it in society. But be careful. Don’t push the envelope too soon. That’s how life goes. That’s how culture goes. That’s how society works.

If you do some things which are bad. And you don’t get caught. It’s still a bad thing because you will know it every time.

So don’t do things, just because you will not get caught. Do things, because you know deep inside you are doing the right thing.

What is right. What is wrong. What is good. What is bad. It keeps changing in the society. And slowly society evolves.

See around. Understand the society you live in conform to its basic principle.

Because you don’t want to do the wrong thing.

What Should You Do

Also read many things. Find the good conscious you want to live by. Find the rules you want to live by. Because that will become your path.

And don’t try to do the bad thing, it will be tricky. It will invite you. It will make you think that you’re doing the right thing because you’re not getting caught up. Remember getting caught is the last thing. First thing is you need to do the wrong thing. And if you do it, then you will know deep inside it that you are a bad person. And you don’t want to be bad. You want to be a good person.

So, wherever you. Whatever you do, whatever choice you make. Remember, you always know you.

Okay. So go ahead, explore the world.

Find your passion. Fulfill other people’s dream and make things happen for people. Because that’s what you do as a human being that what’s defined you.

You may be wondering, other people do bad things to you. And that’s true life isn’t a fairy tale. People do bad things all the time, but then again there are good people which balances out them.

And that’s how life it is. Some people are good. Some people are bad.

What part do you want to choose to show.

Some people might be pushing you and taking advantage of you. Once you understand that, cut them off, find new people find good people collaborate, be always giving be helpful.

Your nature will attract good people. And slowly deep inside you will know you did a good thing. And that’s how you become a good person.