How Shock Translates Into Norm

Society is not a rigid thing. The ideas flow and keep changing as you evolve. Slavery is a bad thing, and you won’t tolerate it now. But that was a serious business for most of history. And most people didn’t mind because it was the norm.

Take a same-sex relationship, for the majority of the history, it was a topic of instant hate. The couples were harassed, punished and made an example.

Now that you look back, you wonder why the things were so bad. You are comparing the now of society with the past of it. And therefore you are bound to found twisting ideas. Take this as a cue, and you can understand that – you have the power to bend society.

Society is made up of people. And they are hard-wired to believe this is the way. Because it works and helps you live a good enough environment.

But if you feel strongly about something then put your assertions out there. Talk about it – find the outliers who can dive in with your ideas.

That’s how society changes. But whatever you do – try to do it for the good causes with your heart in the right place.


Initially, if you do something which isn’t the norm, then you will be seen as a weirdo. People might get shocked. For example, consider the discussion around genders. It challenges the age-old assumption that there are only two genders. So when you give your point of view around multiple genders, people get taken aback.

And they are confused. But as long as you are coming from a place of empathy and doing something to make people inclusive, you will find other people who will join you.

Slowly, enough people will buy-in, and then it will become the new norm. And when someone tells about multiple genders, no one will bat an eye. Because it is the new normal.

What Should You Do

Hence, as an individual, you should strive to leave the world in a better place than it was. And you can do so by impacting at least one person.

At the same time, you can join movements which are kinda weird but in the right direction as per your rationality. So that it becomes the norm. Some of the movements I feel strongly about are – men, women equality; remote work culture, gender fluid in clothing and exploration of space.

Whatever makes you feel fantastic and makes you feel like you are doing something to make the society a better place, do it.

Sure, you might be wrong, but time will tell. Till then, be open about different possibilities, be respectful and then stand by what you believe in. And slowly your weird, shocking thing will become the norm.

Like it wasn’t there in the first place. Yes, it will be hard. It has to be. Else, everyone would be doing that. And that’s why you should do it – it gives meaning to your life.