How I Engage Myself...

This post isn’t about the things you should prioritize in your life. And become better. Rather this is a self-reflection on the things which I like doing, engaging in and getting more of.

Let me dive you in…


As of this moment, this is the most important thing for me. I am not a great dancer by any length. But my goal is to improve upon it and keep on dancing probably forever. Dancing relieves me and releases my tension. There are 2 aspects to this –

  1. In Clubs

When I am in a club which is air-conditioned one, I love to get loosen and dance off random steps and let myself all in. I forget for the moment – all my thoughts, stress and the deadlines I am supposed to meet. In that moment, I feel I am connected to some higher being. I can dance for hours at stretch. And end up feeling awesome.

  1. Dancing To Songs

Hip hop, slow lyrical and animation are the styles I find amusing. And I feel compelled to dance on the songs which has catchy beat, beautiful meaning and romantic gestures. And I end up dancing like crazy. Of course, I get tired easily. But with a quick break, I find myself again on the dance floor grooving. I record myself and upload it for the world to see. For importantly, YouTube has all the past performances of mine. Which helps me in seeing the progress I have made.


Writing is a boring job. You sit down and hit the keyboard for an hour or two. And then you go back, edit the written words or sometimes thrash the whole article. It gets more frustrating when it doesn’t connect with the audience. But you somehow have to make peace with it.

The more you write, the more flavors you can create. Of course, the mere act of jotting down words seems boring. But the neurons hitting inside your brains is amazing.

You are connecting, creating and letting the ideas flow out of your mind into the paper or web for the world to see.

Suffice to say, writing is the most liberating thing I do. It enhances my clarity about the subject and let me see back in time – what were my perspectives. And how I had evolved over time. I love writing – because it is an act of creating something out of nothing. I read a lot, do the research and create stories through my imagination.


This one is so close to my heart. When I was a kid, I feared going in the swimming pool. Because I didn’t know how to swim. And falling in the water felt scary.

At the age of 24, I got to indulge in the act of swimming again. Only this time, I was scared 10 times more – all the kids knew how to swim. And I was nowhere near their level. I wasn’t even able to float. But after 1 year of practice, I saw myself learning how to swim and be good at it.

Now, swimming for me is a reminder that if you give your best to learn, you shall progress for sure. Just give it some time, dedication and passion.

It is a good exercise to jot down activities which takes up lot of your time. If you are happy with the list, good for you. Else you can add, subtract and multiply on your desired activities.