How Do You Want Me To Communicate

Your life is your rule – how you want to get treated: email or WhatsApp – let’s dump the peer pressure

Sunday afternoon is a nice time to have a cupcake. Better, if you can cook them at home. Cooking is a wonderful pass time. The process of selecting ingredients, cutting them and finally cooking is mesmerizing. All the flavors hit you along the process.

It’s like you are eating the food even before you put anything in your mouth. Your nose does the heavy job identifying the taste. That’s why when you are having a cold, it is difficult to eat food because they seem tasteless.

For a fine experiment take 2 similar consistency fruit – maybe chikoo and banana. Smash them to make them have no shape to identify.

Now ask your friend to blindfold themselves. Have them eat chikoo while you hold banana closely below their nose.

There is a high chance that they will think they are eating a banana. So food lovers out there, take care of your nose and be thankful.

The phone rings…


Why do you say hello at the beginning of every call – of course, it is a custom now. But what would happen if you change that to something else?

For example, whenever I call – I say ‘hello, my name is Rohan’. Even though the person I am calling is someone who knows me and my voice. Try something new to say and maybe that will become the custom – or your friends will mock you for some time. Either way, a fine experiment with no harm.

As the phone rang, your friend on the other side said she was messaging you on Whatsapp – there is an urgency.

You understand the situation and proceed to her home. Soon, you both have a talk on how to handle urgency or communication in general.

And then the argument starts. It’s funny how simple things can take complicated form – life is indeed amazing.

Why You Don’t Use WhatsApp

Yes, it is used by the majority. But it isn’t a mandatory thing. It’s your life and you should decide how you want to be communicated.

For example, I prefer email, then SMS and then call. Because this suits me. So if you call me then there is no guarantee that I might pick up or answer your queries. But if you email me then I can help you within 24 hours most of the times.

So that works for me. I don’t use WhatsApp as much as many of friends do. Will it help if I jumped on the same train of communication – perhaps YES.

But it doesn’t matter. How you want to be interrupted, contacted and reached is something you decide, period.

If they truly want to contact you then they will use your preferred mode of communication.