Hold On

The sun shines bright when you look at it. You don’t notice that the sun is powerful enough to light up the places between two huge buildings. Sure, there is a shadow, but you can see and take a beautiful picture.

And you take a better picture when you are in the sun, it is far better than the manual lightning. But the sun is unpredictable so you won’t know the intensity and its time. So you need to act fast. And although you can manipulate the things via manual lighting, often it doesn’t allow for sudden exploration.


Snipers are amazing combat people. They are far away, yet they are responsible for taking important shots. And the best way to be a sniper is to keep the target always in scope. And when you are ready, click between your breaths.

But breathing breaks are short. So it becomes difficult. Hence, you need to practice slowing down your breath. And when it slows down enough, you can catch a moment between two breaths, and you go boom.

Words are harsh. And they can be beautiful. Whatever you speak, doesn’t come back. Either it does the damage or makes something new. If a kid is aspiring to become something, your words of encouragement can take her to new levels.

Contrary, if you make her feel small and oppose her ideas, it would be difficult for her to shine. And in many cases, she wouldn’t be able to fly at all. There is a tribe of people who don’t cut trees when they don’t need it. Instead, they stand around it and say all the bad things to a tree. And no wonder, the trees die automatically over a period from that incident.


Violence is a drastic step. Unless you are protecting yourself or someone, no other form of violence is justified. And it often does damage beyond repair. The physical wounds heal, but the scar remains either physically or emotionally and in some cases both. Anger is an emotion which you can’t control. It will come to you, but you can control what happens next. You can practice meditating the moment you feel the heat. Or you can try eating chocolate or deep breathing. Getting physical with anyone is never an answer.

Doing anything at a fast pace is exciting. And the world has become fast-paced in almost everything. But when it comes to your emotions, going slow is the answer. Control that thought, think about your actions and words.

It is easy to slip, so you will. But learn asap and implement strategies to make things better in future.

Hold on your thought
Hold on your act,
Think and then say
Think and then make way.

Remember your words, action and ideas have tremendous power. And so it can destroy many hopes, dreams and instill fear.

Also, it can inspire dreams, give meaning to hopes and make the fear go away. You have to choose – so let’s choose to make better things and have a good impact.