Hard Work Doesn't Guarantee Anything

Does hard work lead to success? Or Is hard work an illusion? What is the right path, and what does being a human being means? Let’s explore how you can be content, happy and still striving for more.  

Ants Are Awesome  

Ants do the hard work. They are the most resilient species. They work hard to collect the food, make home and survive the longest, anywhere.  

But the hard work isn’t the key to their success. It’s teamwork and the trust they bring to the table. But most of you can’t work in 100s of the unit team. And trust in humans is fragile. It’s often broken. So when you quote ants as hard worker, you are missing the key – you can’t adopt that mentality.  

So should you do the hard work or no?  

The key is to remember – hard work is for ethic only. Next comes your talent. You may do hard work for hours on badminton, but if you don’t have the drive or passion for it, then you will go only so far.  

Next is the field. You can survive as a good enough engineer. But you can’t survive as a good enough long-distance runner. So you can do the hard work, but you should access the race you are running. And what it truly takes to get at it.  

So do the good enough survive thing as your main thing. And something far fetched as a hobby. Do hard work in both – see where it takes you.  

Everyone Works Hard  

The rich, soldier and the poor – all of them work hard. But they don’t get the same results. They can’t either. No two hard work is the same.  

You need more to earn money. Remember, when you fail at earning more money, then you are bad at making more money. This has nothing to do with who and how you are as a human being.  

And when the weigh-in is done between money and kind human being, the latter always shines. You must become a good human and pursue anything in your life. Because even if you don’t end up having what others call success, you will have yourself, your dignity and character.  

It will shine, and people will look up to you for that. And that is a fantastic feeling.  

Luck Plays A Role  

You can’t get all the success, fame or money with just hard work. Your birthplace, parents and luck play a crucial part. 

There are countless examples – where you see a successful actor saying she worked hard and she got the role. But along with her, thousands auditioned. At least 100 were similarly talented and worked as hard as her. But the luck made her choose. So she became successful.  

That’s why you should have some fall back or family support when you are chasing a non-structured and luck heavy industry.  

Take dancing – many people are good dancers. But not all become successful. Same goes for singing, painting and many other fields.  

So if you are not getting success despite you knowing you are good. Then don’t be saddened. Keep trying with variations and keep doing the day job to keep the month rolling.  

Just don’t put all your happiness in that thing. Because even if it takes you 60 years to get there, you don’t want to be unhappy for so long.  

Enjoy the present and be happy if future gives you anything. Hard work is a helpful discipline – but don’t expect much. Be happy, regardless.  

Adapt, Be Content  

Being content with what you have is a fantastic thing. But then what about progress. Won’t your progress be stalled because you are happy?  

When you phrase it like that, there seems a problem. But being content and happy is the goal. Else, you will be forever chasing and not enjoying the life you have.  

The best way out is to be happy with what you have. But be thirsty for exciting things. Like creative things, connections, and giving your generosity. That way, you will be projecting your energy on the world while enjoying what you have now.  

And when you fail, don’t get disheartened. Many times it is not because you didn’t work hard. But there were other factors. Don’t punish yourself. Yes, initially do work harder. But when the results are not improving – accept and adapt.  

That’s the golden motto of life. Evolution wise – the species who survived accepted the situation and adapted to make most of it.  

You should do that too. Yes, go hard but then accept whatever result you get. Also, try adapting to new hints which you are being provided. Either way, keep learning.  

Comparison Is Sin  

When you compare yourself with others, you are doing yourself bad favour. Because it might give you an initial boost when you compare with someone less than you.  

In terms of money, fame or success. But eventually, you will find someone better than you. And you will keep finding such people. You will get sad and then whatever you achieve will be seen as less in your own eyes.  

Take anyone at the top – even they are bad when they start comparing themselves. Because no one is best at everything. You can’t be. There will be someone better at something than you. So the comparison is a sin.  

Sometimes, people say – don’t compare with others but compare with yourself. It is also good when you are progressing. But then you will become old, your creative juices will flow in another direction. And now, even comparing with yourself seems terrible.  

So what is the solution?

I think you should be happy with what you have but be striving for your thing. It can be anything. Remember, your goal is to live a happy life – if you get that, then you are fine.