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Happy Holidays

Happiness is when you see something sweet after craving for it the whole day. Happiness is when you switch the job and the new colleagues are honest, motivating and have no political nature which is prevalent in office. Happiness is when you get your first sale after many years of toiling, doing market research and talking with customers.

And also happiness is when holidays arrive. It might be Christmas, Diwali or Independence Day. Everyone has a different interpretation of the holiday but the common theme is the happy feeling you get.

So what do you do?

Spread Happiness

Happiness is a viral infection – you can’t keep it to yourself. And even if you want to, it ain’t right. You have to share it to amplify it and to feel it to the optimal level.

And so is the case with holidays, you can’t and don’t have to spend it alone. Go out, meet friends and family. If not possible then say hello to a stranger and see what happens. Maybe go to a bar or restaurant and ask if you can join someone.

Go ahead and smile or a be a reason for someone’s smile. What better way do you have to enjoy holidays…

Thank You

No need of thank you when you do the good, share sweets or listen to someone who is eager to speak. Because the joy it would bring to you would be more than any thank you.

The generosity pays for itself in the long run. Yes, dopamine releases in the short term. However the habit and cycle you create makes you a better person.

And aren’t we all trying to become a better person each day. So there you go – Happy Holidays.

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