Writing Book Handbook: Write Your First Book

Writing Book Handbook: Write Your First Book

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Write Your First Book, Here Is How To Do That

Before you can write something, read or experience. Because whatever you want to write would come from the world around you.

There is nothing truly original in the world. If you don’t want to use anything from others, then first you have to create the Universe.

So, get experience in life, try new things and read a lot. And as an exercise, ask your friends what do they think you are an expert in. They might say, your fashion sense is amazing, you know a lot of cricket or you travel a lot. From these answers, you can gauge on what things you have a good enough knowledge.

Second is to deep dive into yourself on what topic you want to spread the perspective. The first tweet about it. And then expand that and try to write an article.

Then come up with a few other articles. At this point, if you see you have many other areas to cover for that topic then you can start writing a book.

At this stage, you can write the book and be done with it. But if you intend to sell some copies of the book then you have to look for similar books doing well in the market.

If you think there is no other book like yours then chances are it will bomb in sales even with marketing. However, if you can see similar selling books then you have a chance with marketing.

Regardless, remember you won’t get rich by selling books. And in the end, it will be a piece of your legacy. And maybe no one reads it but when you are done writing, it will teach you so much more about the topic and improve your writing a lot. If nothing else, you as a person will have changed so much over the course. And that’s the worth of pursuing to write a book.

Best Way To Write A Book

Writing is a lonely process. You sit down and write when no one is around. Sometimes, you get stuck and there is nowhere to go. The ideas just don’t come.

The trick is to get discipline. A time off where you write. It can be 6 in the morning or 2 hours in the evening. Don’t do anything else during this period. If nothing comes to your mind, it’s okay. But you sit there in front of the computer with the word open.

Either you write or just sit there. No phones, no connection. Either you write or you don’t. Slowly you will write because your brain will know there is no other way.

Because you don’t get to the distractions. If you don’t write, you let yourself get bored for 2 hours.

Or you can write in a group as a team. You write one page today and your partner writes another page. If either of you don’t write then you continue writing. In the end, whoever writes more pages, gets the full credit. Else it is 50-50 credit. So, to keep your name, you keep writing that one page.

Or you can come up with something creative yourself. The key is to write everyday. That’s the only discipline – on how you will be able to write a book.

Steps To Writing A Book

Before you even write a book, you should have something you want to say. First, develop a reading habit. For example, if you are interested in the Universe – then watch some documentaries, movies on them, books and maybe get a tour at a field where you watch the sky in a different way.

Get those experiences. Practice writing on different topics. Slowly, you will figure out that there are some umbrella topics on which you are passionate about.

Or you can’t concise everything you have to say in a few articles. You need at least 100 articles so you write that. And maybe compile that as a book so your fans can read it from one end to another.

Writing Rituals

You will be tempted to study famous writers. How they write, what software do they use and when they write.

Because you are writing to copy them so you can get the same level of success. Because you think there is a correlation between how they do and the outcome. But in reality, it’s hard work, their topic, how they write and luck. That’s how they got successful.

It doesn’t matter what pen you use or at what time do you write.

However, feel free to still study them to copy if something interests you. But do it for the sake of forming a ritual. And that’s it.

Better get your ritual and do things. Remember, when you write a book for making a million dollars then you have started on the wrong notion.

Write That Book

So many hurdles, so many mental blocks and no sign of success even if you make it. At this point, it might seem like this isn’t a good venture to go on. Why should you write the book if there isn’t any upside.

At first, when you list down the expectations like money, fame and success – a book isn’t the best way to go about it.

However, books are an amazing investment in yourself. You will get clarity for yourself, broaden your understanding of the topic and learn along the way.

In the end, you will find a sovenour for yourself. Or you can print some books and keep it on your shelves, give it to friends and look back on the achievement.

Writing a book is hard, it takes a lot but it’s all worth it in the process itself. And if you get a few sales then that’s a nice surprise.

  • You don’t have to stop at one book, write more if you want
  • It’s okay to get inspired from other authors or their book – your take is fine. If there’s legal issue don’t sell, but feel free to indulge as a personal tangent
  • Remember to have fun

How To Do Editing For Content

When you write anything – be it a blog, reference document or a book, it’s not the final version which you want to share with the world.

Because it’s bad. It always is and the way to make sure you end up with a solid final content is to have someone edit the work you did.

Sure, you can edit your work too. Or you may not edit at all. And that’s a valid choice. However, if you aim for a big impact and eliminate all the extra things which don’t add much, then a great editor is a must.

Hence, when you sit down to write, never edit your content. Because if you do that, it will be difficult for you to write. Writing should be free flowing. Whatever comes to your mind should be vomited in the paper or computer. And it’s called vomit because that’s what it is. The writing is all over the place. And the narrative is often broken in places.

It’s difficult for you to objectively judge your writing. You love what you write so you will try to preserve every word of it.

You don’t want to write 10000 words and then edit out 5000 words from it. It hurts to see the amount of words removed after editing. And often there is more nuanced editing which polishes your work like never before.

The Process

So, you have done the rigorous work of writing. And you have a draft with you. But now what, how to do the editing. Is there a process, or which is the right process. Let me show you a simple but effective way to do editing. The beautiful thing is you can stop at any level and you are fine.

It depends on how far on editing you have to go.

First and foremost don’t edit while you are writing. Complete the draft and be done with it. And then leave the content as it is. Let some time pass. So that you can clear your mind.

After 2 days, visit the content and then read it along. Do edits along the way. And then let it be for 1 day. Now, read the content aloud so you can now edit again on how it is being read. This much enough for the beginner writer. You can go ahead and publish your work.

But if you want to do something professionally then you need a full time editor with you or someone who is freelancing. Someone who understands your genre and has the editing skills.

There are many layers of editing. Line editing, copy editing, fixing grammars, structure editing and so on. Maybe you find one person to do so. Or you can find many editors depending upon your budget.

And boom, after all of the editing, your word count will drop by a lot. But the quality of your writing will shine like it never did.

Congrats, on editing your content like it should be.

What To Avoid

Writing is a mindful habit. But the goal of writing is often that the people should be able to read and enjoy it.

If you fill your writing with technical or complicated words then you will end up with content that is readable by only a few people. So, the first thing you should do is write with simple words. However this isn’t an excuse to not write a compelling content.

Next is avoid long paragraphs. Give breaks after a few lines so that the readers can read with no strain in their eyes.

Bold some things. Or use other ways to highlight some things.

  • When writing in bullets it helps to glance over
  • Also write with many sub-headings as possible
  • And don’t hold back strong opinions

You can also use different colours. But the most common is a black text over white background. When you experiment with colours, it is easy to mess up. And sometimes, you see only with your eyes. And that can be a problem.

There are websites which help you pick a better color scheme if you intend on doing so. This way it covers many different peoples with eye strain or color disorder.

Also, have a big enough font so that elderly can read the content. A nice way to say is to have a balanced look on everything you do centered around your content.

Have Fun

Whatever you end up writing or how much time you edit is irrelevant, if yo uarent having a time of your life creating content.

When you wake up every day, writing should be on the top of your mind. It should make you feel amazing. And when you complete a writing task, you relieve a sigh. And that’s how you know that you write for the love of writing, making assertions and having a blast of fun.

Many great comedians laugh while writing a joke, script writers get emotional while narrating the script. When you write, you should go on a roller coaster the same which your readers will experience.

There are some things which you can ignore and do as per your style. For example, I use the feminine pronouns. And I start with a sentence with conjunction like ‘and’. This isn’t recommended in grammar by editors.

Ignore Some Things

But that is a conscious choice I make. So, that is my writing style. And so you can find yours or develop that.

Communicate this with your editors so they don’t edit for things which you have intentionally kept.

Good Content

A good content isn’t something which reaches everyone. A good content is something which when reaches its potential audience stirs something in them.

Aim for that and your content be it vlogging or writing will shine. It’s easy to join some words and write grammatically correct sentences, now AI can do that.

But writing a story, making assertions, imagining and taking shots  – are something still reserved for humans like you. And I am betting on you, for making amazing content, go for it.

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