Writing Book Handbook: How To Read Books

Writing Book Handbook: How To Read Books

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From Physical Books, Digital Books To Reading Culture

When you think about the sales of digital books, you see growth. But let’s not get ahead and compare the sales.

Take a seat back and realize that there are sales in digital books. Which means when people say that physical books are everything they are in delusion. Because the numbers speak for themselves. Whether you like it or not, people are buying digital books.

It’s funny how anything can become digital and you have to specify what you are speaking of. Earlier, books were called books because it meant physical by default. But now that’s not the case.

Online is new. Books have been the source of knowledge, culture and society for a long time. It represents so much thing. And there are libraries which house many physical books. Of course, you read a book or two. But if you are the new generation then you do most of your reading online.

And sometimes, you aren’t aware of the physical options. Or you don’t care at all.

Because you are on your phone all the time anyway. It’s much better to read anything on the phone while you do many other things.

Physical Books Has Soul

Love is an amazing thing. It fuels you to do more. And often, it is the best thing that has happened in your life.

Because loving is at the centre of your life goals. Your genes want to pass on and for that, you need to fall in love. So, you take your lineage ahead. And books played an important role in your mission.

You could lend your book or ask one so that the first interaction would start. And then slowly, after some time – you could share the letter via the book. One approach vs another, sometimes scary and sometimes bold.

But in the end, you got your response. And possibly the love blossoms. It’s an amazing feeling and journey and books – physical ones played a crucial role in the process

Digital books can be lent but how do you start a conversation with one. There is no physical presence needed. No touch and no letters. So, your dating habit has to shift to a digital version in some other form.

However, the physical books in the library or any place still gives you that opportunity. So, you can share your book to a friend or colleague and jump into the romance. This is precious.

Digital Books Has Convenience

The Internet exploded and everyone jumped on the train. For some, it was just a version of offline things done online. But for many, it was the best thing that happened for scaling like none before.

For example, if you want to send a physical report to 1000 people, it would take a considerable amount of resources. But, now you can send it via email and it would cost almost nothing. It’s like magic what the internet has enabled you to do.

Earlier, you would have struggled so much to get the physical book published. That pain has eased now because the internet provided a platform for anyone to publish their physical books via print on demand.

And even better, anyone can publish their work digitally with the click of a button. It’s so easy that it takes less than 10 minutes to get your written word document as a digital book to submit. And boom, the next day or so – it is available for purchase for anyone who wants it.

Digital books provide something which physical books lacked. Now, you can download 100s of books on your phone or any other device. And carry it around. You couldn’t have done that with the physical books. You could make notes, highlight something, search through the book and share any specific thing with others from the book with a click of a button.

This is way beyond what physical books can ever provide. If you want to do more with books, you have to engage in the digital book’s world. Because that’s how you can do the magic and expand your horizons.

It’s like physical books but with so much convenience. That, once you use the digital version of book and platform, you wouldn’t want to go back.

It Doesn’t Matter

Often in any kind of debate, the society would force you to take one side. Because it helps them think of you as either advocate or against something.

But that’s now how humans work. Nothing is either black or white, everything is grey.

You may be someone who is in love with physical books and couldn’t imagine what would happen if digital books take every share. You don’t want this to happen. As your part, you do buy books often from going to the bookstore.

Or you are someone who embraces the change of internet and loves the convenience of digital books. So, you have a Kindle (ebook reader) and buy every book you want to read online. So, you can do all sorts of things and be content that your books are available at the click of a button to you. Also, the device remembers, how much you read of every book. You can’t imagine a world without digital books.

Or you are someone who loves to read online. But you buy physical books because you like a physical library to keep at home. So you can show it to your friends when they come. Or it becomes an icebreaker if someone new comes to your home.

It’s alright. No harm, done.

Whatever your inclination, remember above all – you are a book lover and that remains intact because you keep reading the books.

The culture exists, stories are spread and you can still form a readers community. Sometimes, it will be different from when you were growing up. But the soul exists because you want it to.

Remember, like it doesn’t better if you read Classics or some random book – it doesn’t matter where you read the book. It matters that you read the book and want to share the insights with others.

That’s enough, that’s human and it’s magical.

Read Books The Correct Way, Here’s How

It seems tempting to read a book which is trending. It can be a Harry Potter series or Game Of Thrones. You want to jump on the train to seem like you are a part of clan. A tribe where you belong.

But maybe you don’t like the premise. Or the cover or the talks which is happening centered around a book.

There are so many of them. Now with the advent of internet, you can scroll for millions of books. Because when everyone can write a book, everyone will write a book.

You don’t want to stress yourself by reading a book and you don’t need most of them anyway. Some people are obsessed about how they read so many books in a certain time. You see their social status by the number of books they read. And it’s scary.

What do these people know that you don’t? Or is this the key to gaining something from the world. Is book the door to all good things.

When you deep dive into some rabbit hole on the internet, it might seem like everyone is doing the reading. Only you are left out.

Here’s How You Should Read Books

There are thousands of books which are good. And enough for you to choose from. But then there are new books which keep popping up everyday.

In the course of history, millions of books have been written. And now, because of the easy self-publication – everyone is writing a book. Now, there are a million books in a month. There is no way you can read all of them.

The same analogy is true for many forms of entertainment. Thanks to the internet, anyone can make entertainment videos. And so they are making them. Earlier, you used to rely on movies.

Your life is limited by the number of years. You would be lucky if you can cross the 100-year mark. And if you do so, then reading books won’t be your pastime. Chances are you will be struggling to eat and just get by. That’s the reason most people don’t want to live beyond 100 years.

So many books, how do you even choose? What if you pick up a bad book. And then you have wasted so many hours.

Those hours won’t come back. But if you keep thinking too much then you will find yourself waiting. And you will end up taking no action. What good is that too?

The Notion Of Ending Books

It has been embedded in your minds that you should finish the book. And it is seen as a social signal. When someone doesn’t finish the book, they aren’t viewed as a genuine book reader.

This is a bad thing. Because not all books are supposed to be read in its entirety. When you read a book and it gets boring – you may stop. Because it was the writer’s job to make it interesting. It’s okay to stop when you feel bored.

Then there are certain books which have 2 to 3 main themes and rest are just examples. This happens a lot in non-fiction self help books.

If you get the gist of those main themes within 2 chapters, you can go and check out the next book.

Also, this isn’t a parameter or judgement on anyone. You pick up a book, read and feel free to stop it. If you need it, you can come back later.

You don’t have to read books cover to cover. See the chapters, read whatever interests you. There is limited time and you decide what is best for you.

Old Classics Vs New Trendsetters

If a certain book has survived decades then there are definitely some golden nuggets in them. Or if it’s a fiction book, then the story is amazing.

So go ahead and shop a few books from the classic sections. But you are living in the world which keeps changing. Let’s take marketing as an example – a classic book will provide you with the fundamentals. But today’s marketing formula will be found in new books.

Hence, you need a mix. For new books, judge the book by its title and cover. And buy them if you like them. If you are at a bookstore, read a paragraph or two from the book. If it intrigues you then buy the book. Even if the book gives you one wisdom, it’s worth the price.

Also. if your friend is an avid book reader – ask for suggestions and buy the books. When you read a book – you might find an idea or thought which will stick with you.

And that will bring out a major change in your life, your outlook and things you can do. Also, buy random books sometimes. You never know you might land on some unknown gems.

How To Read Books

If you are reading fiction then chances are you are reading for story, entertainment and passing time. Let the book involve you and immerse yourself. The imagination will take you to places. And it will open up your mind. If it happens to teach you a few wisdom then fine. Else, you are just enjoying a good story.

When you read non-fiction, make notes of things which are amazing. I take notes in my note making app. The title is – ‘Wisdom to live life by’. And every month, I revisit to imbibe the thinking.

You can make markings in the book too. That way, you can revisit the book anytime you have a specific problem.

Also when you mark the best things in the book, you don’t have to waste time next time. Just get to the meaty part. And take those lessons to your mind for thinking, sharing or taking actions.

One of the best ways to read a book is within a book club. You may join an existing one or create one with your friends.

Every week you meet. And each will discuss the learnings from the book. A chapter by each one. So you will have read 4 chapters. Just by reading one and listening to 3 other chapters. Also, you will get multiple perspectives from your friends.

This works best for non-fiction books. For fiction books, I recommend reading the entire book by yourself. Let your imagination take you to places. And if you want, you may talk with your friend later about some golden moments in the book.

Books Can Change Your Life

When an author writes her book, she is pouring everything she can into it. Years of experience, emotion and love. She wanted that book to be in this world as a work of hers.

A bad book also teaches you something. Hence, books are the best investment in the world.

When you find yourself struggling to choose, pick any or multiple books. You will have a great time.

Read enough books and you will realize how things have moved you. And subconsciously you are aware of many things. You have changed. And now you are moving in a much better direction.

Books can make you laugh, cry and think. It can propel you to take actions. And it changes your life.

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