Writing Book Handbook: How To Publish Your Book?

Writing Book Handbook: How To Publish Your Book?

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Publishing your book is easy. When you think of doing it in the internet age. Before the internet, you need to send your draft to the editor at a publishing house.

They would take their sweet time and often reject your work. Most of the times without reasons for you to improve. And if they did accept your draft, they will change many things and put those as conditions if you want to publish your book.

And when you are just getting happy that your book has been published, you will be reminded that your advance is too low. And the royalties are in single-digit percentages. For example, if your book earns $100 profit, you receive somewhere between $5 to $9 and your publisher gets the rest.

But as an author you let it be. Because that’s the only way to publish your book. And if the editor in the publishing house decides it ain’t worth, you couldn’t do anything about it.

Self-Publishing Your Book

Making a living from writing your books is hard and often not worth it. You are better off writing for magazines, doing content marketing or ghostwriting.

But if you want to establish yourself as a brand, writing a book is still a great thing to do. And if you want you can go through the hoops when you try to traditionally publish.

However, there is a better way – with the rise of the internet, on-demand print and self-publishing platforms, there is no better time to get your book out. It’s so easy that everyone should write a book and publish it.

Here is the process to publish your book:

  1. Write your book.
  2. Upload details like a draft, cover, pricing, rights and description.
  3. Publish your book.

That’s what it takes to publish your book.

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Also, you get the payment consolidated from all channels.

Things To Consider Before Self-Publishing Your Book

If your book is rejected by a traditional publisher, you can always self-publish. The Martian book was self-published and went to become a bestseller. So, you never know the true potential of the book.

In self-publishing, you are supposed to market your book. But nowadays, the traditional publishers expect you to market unlike in old days. So, regardless build an audience over time. So you have good enough sales from your fans.

And go for self-publishing because the profits are on the higher side compared to traditional publishing.

You can always give specific rights to a traditional publisher for specific country later to reach even more people.

The things traditional publisher offers are:

  1. Cover
  2. Market research
  3. Marketing

If you manage to do all 3 by yourself, you have better chances of earning more money and success if you go with traditional publishing.

Also, there are services available for each aspect so you can get those for a reasonable price and get going.

Even if you don’t sell a single book, it’s okay. Do market research next time. And try to build an audience.

I self-published and I sell about 5 books per month. Not a thing to make me rich, but traditionally no one would read my book. But because of self-publishing, it is reaching people.


In self-publishing, you can get away with fewer word counts, simple cover and your style of writing. Couple that with your fans which you build and you can earn a good amount every year if you publish a new book every year.

Traditional publishing has many constraints on how you should write and move ahead. Often they are willing to compromise and help you succeed when you are already famous of sorts.

But then why would you need them. Unless they can provide some reach which you can’t tap into right now.

Remember, the first step to publish your book is to write your book. Start now.

How To Read 1000 Books Every Year?

If you read 3 books every day then you will cross the magical number of reading 1000 books in a year. And then you can share the accomplishment with your friends.

You can read the books by genres or series so you would have to follow only one story. Or maybe you can find some non-fiction books to get the perspectives on life. There are so many authors and you would want to absorb them all.

In ancient times, the Kings and rich would buy tonnes of book. To keep at their place. Because it meant you were high in social status.

Rarely they used to read books. Often the books would collect dust and would be handed back or given to scholars who would want to read. But the books would be taken back.

So, the status would remain with kings and rich people.

When you aim for reading something like 1000 books per year, it is often a status signal which you are hoping to achieve. Or you don’t have any other better use of your time, so you read books one after another.

Books As Entertainment

Netflix revolutionized the way you consumed entertainment. Earlier, you would see one episode of any series per week. And then you have to wait one week for the next episode. So, you would complete the whole series in months or sometimes years.

Netflix releases all the episodes of the series which allows you to binge watch – meaning watch all the episodes back to back.

If that’s what you want to do with your surplus time then it’s fine. But often, you want to do so much more. But you get sucked into the endless episodes and you waste your time.

Books can become the same. If all you do is consume the books, and aim for more books to read then you will just consume. For the sake of it. To entertain yourself.

And all you would have done is read 1000 books but none would have moved you. Or made significant impact in your life.

You have to decide what you want to accomplish – are you reading books for something or just for entertainment. Because reading 1000 books per year can be entertaining but not more. It’s like just laying down and mindlessly consuming. It has to stir something in you. Or make you create, propel and help in something. Or change your perspectives or make a dent or shakes you.

One Book Is Enough

If you think about it – your life can change with the right book. And just one book often does the trick. But you won’t stumble upon it by magic. So, it helps to read many books.

But yes, if all you do is read and do nothing then it’s a race to the bottom.

Take your time – read slow or fast. Whatever you do, try to find one book which you could revisit. Once, you do – reread the book, take notes and carve out a time to execute on the actions of the book. Because that’s what books are for.

It’s a way for you to take someone’s life lesson and turn into a magical thing for your life. For someone that book can be Alchemist, Rich Dad Poor Dad or Chicken Soup For Soul.

It can either be a classic or a book from new author. It’s alright from where you get the kick, it’s important that you find that for yourself.

Aiming for 1000 books read is an amazing social media stunt. But finding a book for yourself that transforms you is a life-changing reality for you.

You Can’t Read Them All

In any field, the road isn’t to get everything. Because that’s a futile exercise. When you search books, you will find millions of them. Similarly, there are millions of YouTube video or movies, literature and research.

You can read them all in your lifetime. You have to read some reviews, select or trust the curator or go by your instinct.

At the same time, you have to have the guts to stop reading the book if that doesn’t help you. Because you don’t want to waste your time. Slowly, you will find your tribe.

A book or a community where you will be seen and you can take the lessons and ask questions – to grow, ponder and do things.

Because ultimately, it’s not about how much noise can you make but how much sound or better music you can make.

A better approach is to read first chapter of hundred books. And only continue reading the books if they hook you up. So that way, you can help people further by curating your special selection of books which you find interesting enough.

And at the end of it, you will find your top 10 books which you think changes the culture. Reread them and share the gems with the world. Become someone whom you wanted when you first started reading books. Because that’s what your culture demands it.

Deeper Conversations

When you read 1000 books in a year, you will no time to go deep into any of the concepts. Sure, your subconscious would remember some of it. Or maybe most of it. But that will be fuzzy and you won’t have any map to go forward.

Instead, when you aim for 100 or 10 books to read in a year, you can now deep into the concepts. You have time to research more and find new tangents which you never thought were possble.

You will make notes, share the connection and collectively a group of engaged readers can propel each other to better heights.

Is this path difficult than simply committing to reading huge volume of books – heck YES.

And that’s the reason why you should do this. Because it challenges you, because its scary and because it pushes you to do more.

Writing a book is a tremendous experience. It pays off intellectually. It clarifies your thinking. It builds credibility. It is a living engine of marketing and idea spreading, working every day to deliver your message with authority. You should write one.Seth Godin

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