Writing Book Handbook: You Should Write A Book

Writing Book Handbook: You Should Write A Book

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There are already millions of books. And most of them are read by no one. So, why bother with writing a one and pushing the published books data by your contribution.

And writing a book is a lonely process – where you sit and think. Because you hit a wall – not because you don’t have something to write. But you are judging while writing the book. So, you think it’s not good enough.

However, if you keep editing while writing, it will take forever for you to write your book. Making money from writing a book is a dream for many authors. Only the lucky ones get a fortune. And rest either have to survive on other gigs or keep publishing in bulk often to get by.

It’s not lucrative for the ambitious person. Books are hard to publish traditionally. And if published, you have no control over how things will end up. Because the editors will take their liberty and your final book might not be something you wanted either way. Or you can opt for the new age online publishing or self-publishing.

But then there isn’t any editor to gauge your book. And your book will one of the millions of books published. Because that’s what happens when everyone can publish a book, everyone will publish a book.

What Is A Book

There exists book which are 1 million words long and some which are 5000 words long. So what length is okay for a book. Traditionally you need some word count to be published. But in self-publishing, often online you could publish any length.

However, I suggest when you are hoping to write a book, go for the depth needed as much. Why call it a book, if it really is a long article.

Also, you need to have a book cover. Because, books are judged by the cover you carry. So, you need to work on that. And have one. If you make a pdf then that’s what it is. Books are one which has a cover and then the content.

A book needs to have impact – either as an entertainment book, guidance or an assertion. If not, then what’s the point.

It’s always better to write many articles on tangent ideas so that you can see if there is a thread and enough meat for you to write a book.

Writing A Book Is Hard

If you decide that you are going to write a book, then you have to commit to a discipline. Because writing a book is hard work. Yes, it takes physical strength to write each day and weave together something you can call a book.

But it also takes a lot of mental ability to stick yourself up for the uphill battle. Everytime you write something, you will forget, remember something or just hate what you are writing.

The trick is to keep writing because chances are the first draft of whatever you write will be thrash. So, it’s alright to get those words out and you will have a something version of a book. Then you can let someone else read it, edit it and make a good enough book.

But enough after all this, chances are no one would like your book. And that’s the part of the process. You shouldn’t write for others – it takes an accomplished writer to do so. And still they can get it wrong.

So, the hard part of writing a book can be overcomed by writing the book you want to read. So, in the end – your mind gets clarity, you have the vision of the ideas and you can be proud of yourself.

Publishing A Book Is Easy

Don’t worry about publishing your book. It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons on the web. And boom, you can get the book published in paperback or ebook version.

The hard part is finding a tribe of people who will buy your book. And often, it’s not related to the quality of your book. So, don’t sweat. You may try to buy some people to do the marketing – but most are scam and the ones who do the job are costly and still can’t guarantee.

The best option is to write about something people will be intrigued to check your book. And so few people would buy the book and you hope that they spread it.

Or you can start a blog and build an audience of 1000 subscribers over many years, while you write the book. And then one day, you launch the book to your subscribers. And you can get the sales.

Either way, don’t stress about publishing the book. Work upfront to build an audience – few 100s are fine who are dedicated. And work on getting the topic, narrative and impact right in your book.

Don’t Write For Money

Money is the biggest motivator. And it helps you to push and do things. But the book industry is the one where authors hardly survive on the book sale earnings. Most don’t earn money, the famous people you read about are the single digit percentage of the total authors. You can get lucky, but that’s it.

You will make more money by ghostwriting, freelancing and having a day job than by writing a book.

Write Because

You should write a book because you do have something which you can share with the world. Maybe no one reads and that’s okay.

Your book writing will help you clear your mind, get focus and you will end up a better person at the end of writing a book.

Sure, it’s hard to write a book and you may get social status, money or the ego-push by writing the book. But don’t write for those purposes. Write the book because you want to write more and improve yourself – your writing and impact anyone who stumbles on your work.

Writing everyday, despite what you do otherwise is a beautiful habit to get clarity, focus and perspective.

And the next big thing you can do with writing is write a book. And then after that, maybe one book and one more. You will love writing the book.

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