The Writing Book Handbook

The Writing Book Handbook


There are words that convey meaning. But often they get misunderstood. And then arises tension. The relationships get broken or the boss doesn’t understand your contribution.

But words are magical. They can transport you to anywhere, make you believe, inspire, guide and do tonnes of other things. Often when you read an article or a book.

So, you need to dive into how you read books, which one to read, should you write a book or just write.

Here, you will get all the answers and more. Let’s get onto it…

What Are Books For?

Books are so much more than it used to be. Earlier it used to represent the culture which a select few curators wanted to bend.

You write the book and send it to the publishers for review. If they love what you have sent it then they will ask for the copy of the book. And if they decided to publish it then you will get about 20 percent of the sales price of the book.

But the publishers did so much more. Typically they published selected books so the supply was limited. And then they marketed the book they feel would succeed.

And thus you would get a book which is something you can trust. And everyone wins. Except, that’s now how it works now.

Now, anyone can publish a book. So everyone does. But then the supply is unlimited. How much can you market. So, now you decide what to read and make it a success.

There are pros and cons to this. You get unlimited choices but then you have to shuffle through the many bad books. However, as a writer you can make a book – this is priceless.

Life Lessons

Books often provide you with life lessons. And there is a genre called self-help. It’s a huge space. Often people aren’t looking for help but it is a guilty pleasure.

At this point, you can think of life lessons as an easy game to write a book. Because often it is shared, bought and made into a huge success. So, you might look down on someone who reads a self-help book.

But books are so much more. For you to read great books, you need to start somewhere. And if that is any book – it’s okay.

Also, life lessons are amazing. Maybe, you won’t apply those intentionally. But reading a book – sometimes many of them will inject those ideas in your mind. So, it’s an amazing thing. However, if you want to read a life lesson book then I suggest you take active notes on how you are going to act on it.

Because life lessons are meant to be acted upon. And those actions will improve your life. Not simply reading tonnes of book on life lessons.


Getting inspired is an amazing thing. You do that all the time. When you see your favorite movie heroes on screen, you want to become like that. And if you are lucky, you could end up on the huge screen.

Or maybe you read business magazine and get inspired by the riches. Because who doesn’t love the money.

How to get money all the time or increase your money. Or better, how to start a company. There are so many entrepreneurs right now that it feels like the best time to be one. If you are unemployed, you could say you are an entrepreneur and you would be technically right. Because both the situations are somewhat same.

And then there are millions of books on how to grow your money, find your calling, be rich. Also, the biographies of entrepreneurs to make you inspired.

To shun your expectation, let me put it this way – there are books about the 1 per cent successes. And almost none about the 99 percent who failed all the time.

So yes, do get inspired to do more. But be cautious while you feel too inspired. For example, if you want to run and make money – you need to to be the top 10 runners in the world. Else, it’s a struggle. Understand what the rest are doing and how big is the gap.


Sure, books can be read as a guidance. Like a map. The map and the territory are different. Maps are based on the actual territories but it isn’t exact. Because maps exists to give you an idea and not the exact road map. You have to figure it out along the way.

Similarly, books are like maps – don’t assume it’s the territory. Sure, it might sound like one. But you are better to think of it as a map.

And so, there will be tonnes of things which you need to focus on and make it a success. Your journey has to be decided by you.

In short, buying a $10 book on becoming rich won’t make you rich. What makes you rich is finding what the author is saying – does she have the experiences. Does it hold true for now/? How you can apply those in your current situation. And also, what are the chances of success if you are mediocre. Because often, most people are mediocre at things.

A Life’s Summary

Books are an amazing way to propagate your ideas. Write a book on a deep thought – because you have so much to explore.

And then you wrestle with your mind, there are so many things that went wrong. And now, you are understanding the things better. So, writing a book is a mental job and a beautiful experience. It gives you the clarity like none,

And also, you have a piece of something to share with others which you are passionate about. Next, time someone asks you about the topic, you give the link to buy the book.

It’s a great souvenir – you can either gift a book to someone. Or gift your own book on occasions to spread your ideas.

Books are also a status symbol. Because now you can call yourself an author, that’s a head turner.

However, books take time to write. And it’s not a profitable venture. But you do it for the love. Also, as a reader you get the gist and perspective from someones life in few hours by reading the book.

Hence, books might mean different things and it may or may not be the best way to spread ideas. But books are an amazing thing to exist. And you should definitely read books. And better, you should definitely write one.

What you’ll learn

  • Page 1: Reading Culture— Before writing, understanding how to read better
  • Page 2: Your Perspective— Should you write a book
  • Page 3: RoadblocksUnderstanding writer’s block and NYT Bestseller list
  • Page 4: ToolsTo help you write better
  • Page 5: WritingActually writing your first book
  • Final: PublishPublish your book and rejoice reading books

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Who should read this?

This handbook is for:

  1. Aspiring writers who want to get their first book published.
  2. Curious readers who want to understand how writing works, so you can read better.

In 30 minutes, you can become a remarkably better writer & reader.

Who’s Rohan Bhardwaj?

I have written more than 2,000,00 words on my blog. And published quite a few books online. You can check them out here.

You can read more about me on my about page.

Writing a book is a tremendous experience. It pays off intellectually. It clarifies your thinking.
It builds credibility. It is a living engine of marketing and idea spreading, working every day
to deliver your message with authority.
You should write one.
Seth Godin

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Before writing, understand how to read better.

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