Good Educated Guess

As you grow each day, your past decisions might seem like a failure. You gave the green signal to the wrong project that hiring went awful, and the restaurant food was okay.

Looking back, it is easy to see where you have been wrong or where you need some improvement. But those aren’t bad decisions when examined in isolation. Those are in the past, and as long as you made those decisions with the best of your abilities, it’s all fine.

You won’t be perfect, make all the right decisions and be equipped with all the knowledge. You can only try to become that, and it’s always reaching to the perfection process.

It’s okay if you made some bad decisions. Because you made those thinking they are good ones with the knowledge and gut feeling at that time.

Now that you have accumulated more information, you have an opportunity to look at the outcomes, understand them, and work to make the most of it. Make some new decisions and act on them. As you are growing, you are becoming a better leader, student, and risk-taker. So you will be better today than yesterday with choices.

However, the goal isn’t to avoid bad choices. On the contrary, it is the summation of good and bad decisions which makes you.

The crux of the matter is this – it’s alright as long as you make a good educated guess today. Because that’s all, you can do – take a guess from all the things you know, put your heart into it and then work with full force. The goal isn’t perfect, best or error-free because you can’t. There is always a fine line to become better.

And you can, that’s what makes you human. This lets you see others with empathy because you have been wrong, and you know the pain.

Learning is the never-ending process. You might get a degree and a job thinking that life is stable and you have to live it with ease. But that’s the beginning. When you see each day, you observe and learn something. Sometimes with practice and sometimes sub-consciously. And the culture around you has a massive influence around you.

As new concepts become the norm, you need to adapt as per the culture. So you get better with the group.

Of course, you need to move ahead with better decisions based on the new information. But if you can make the past decisions better then you might do it.

Remember to make decisions to the best of your knowledge, keep updating your understanding, and be open to different rationale. Then you will be moving ahead in life just fine.