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Going Forward

You do some messed up things and make bad decisions. It is a part of making good decisions. Because you can’t do all the right things all the time. Sometimes you win and many times you fail. So you might land up in a place where the world seems only bitter.

In an examination, you fail and then the world seems crumbling down. Or at your job, you didn’t get the raise which you think was deserved.

And all the things that happened but you didn’t tell anyone – break ups, falling from the stairs, that girl who stole your friend. And on and on and one…

What can you do about it?

There are 2 ways to think about it – one is living the dark days again and again. Remembering the bad things and revisiting the dark alleys. Doing so will result in more pain and trauma. But you do it, keep on doing it and then feel bad about yourself.

The alternative is to look back, learn from the past. At this point, that’s what you can do. Yes, bad things happened and maybe you were not responsible.

But the only way to think and do something positive is to do anything moving forward.

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