Giving Multiple Options To Subscribe

Your voice matters. When you share your opinion, expression or expertise – it is an act of generosity. And for those who want to hear from you, it matters. You will be missed when you are gone and the impact will stay.

A dent in the universe, not the one which goes on forever. The one which compromises of engaging people whom you want to serve.

It isn’t an impressive number of 100, 1000 or million. But it is enough and you look forward to serving them.

But there is a problem. They aren’t able to hear from you. You are speaking in a room where no is allowed to come. This might cost you more and you wouldn’t be even aware of this. So you have to check this often to make sure there isn’t a gap in how you are communicating and how they are listening.

Because once there is an imbalance, you might lose the people who want to hear. And slowly you might lose your impact you want to make.

Social Media Problem

You have to be everywhere – on Facebook, youtube, and twitter. The pressure to show up and do a thousand things is high.

If you have a voice then you need a platform and there are tonnes of them. In an attempt to be everywhere, you get exhausted and often there isn’t an increase in engagement. On the contrary, it seems you do less work and promotion.

What’s Your Choice

You need to have a preference for how you want to communicate. For example, I love getting emails and communicating on the same. If that’s what you like then share so. Be vocal about it. Because it helps your audience understand that you won’t reply on twitter.

Also, you need to factor in what does the majority of your audience likes. For example, in the dance profession – in my area; having Instagram is superior to Twitter.

So write emails because you love them. But also focus on Instagram to connect with the majority of your audience. At the same time, avoid other platforms because you would end up wasting your time.

The Engagement Story

One of the athletes whom I follow on Twitter seemed pretty engaged to me on the platform. I used to read her tweets and share my perspectives and ideas.

Then she was conducting her first meet for which she was charging some fee. I was thrilled to join it. But when I clicked on the registering link, it redirected me to WhatsApp.

Now, there are some things which have gone in here:

  1. She portrayed herself as a master in twitter while she wasn’t
  2. Maybe she was using WhatsApp but she didn’t promote it likewise
  3. I am not her ideal audience

If the reason is number 3 then it is fine.

But if the reason is 1 or 2 then you need to rethink – are you on the platform where your audience hangs out. Or/and if you love some platform are you informing with your action and words that you are going to be active in that particular platform. So your die-hard fans can come over there.

Take care of your continuity in work by showing up at places where you are expected and where you want.