Getting Angry Quietly

Anger is a natural emotion. And if you live your life normally then you will be triggered a lot. Apparently if you try to be honest, transparent and do good things, more people will try to screw you.

So what do you do?

The best thing you can do is control it. Because if you let the anger overtake you then there is bad things waiting for you to happen.

You can’t think straight and the decisions you take while in anger often is wrong. Looking back you will say that you shouldn’t have done that.

The challenge is to challenge your anger in a good way. Because let’s face it – you aren’t a monk who can get away without getting angry. And I think if you pester enough even a saint monk will develop the feeling of anger. Of course she will suppress it but only after developing it.

There is saying – if you stay angry then you are holding a hot coal to throw at someone. Of course the other person will get hurt if you throw it. But the longer you hold your anger, the longer you are troubling yourself. Your thoughts get disrupted, stress becomes high and you can’t focus on anything important or productive.

Staying Quiet

If you just stay quiet when you are angry it helps a little. Because the situation doesn’t gets bad immediately.

But if you don’t channel it or change your perspective on it then it will come back again. For example, if someone at your office mocked you and it made you angry – you will stay quiet. But that anger is still inside of you. Slowly it builds up. And when you are at home, your mom said something to remind you. Boom you went off and shouted at her.

This loud anger which you showed isn’t a reflection of present situation. Rather it is the summation of all anger which you poured on your innocent mom.

So instead of doing better you made it worse by staying quiet. I am sure this had happened to you. Let’s find out how to do things better.

The Alternate Approach

You have to slowly change your perspective and how you react. For example, try things out with small things. If your brother steals something then instead of getting angry, try to talk yourself that this battle isn’t worth fighting.

And then next time, when your brother steals something – the feeling of anger won’t come. Another example is to channel your anger. Another example, if your friend misunderstands something instead of getting angry, try to look at it from different perspective.

This way you are letting the difficult situations not make you angry. Instead it will make you feel empathy towards other.

Do this and you will be sorted in 80 percent of the problems which will happen in your life. Yes, you have to be quiet when there comes a feeling of anger. But at the same time, channel yourself so that the feeling becomes into something bigger. And voila you can come out of it sane.