Get Paid On The Internet

Web3 is on the news. The new internet - they say.

But you are still using Google to search and don't understand what is web1 or web2. And suddenly, there is web3.

Let's slow down a bit.

Internet is the best thing that has happened. And there are constant improvements happening. You can't know everything. That's okay. If something becomes big, you will automatically know. For example YouTube, Facebook etc.

Sure, it would have been beneficial if you could have been the first few YouTubers. But you still have a chance. You can still make a career on YouTube. If nothing else, you have got a shot.

And that's the case with anything with the internet. It's the hub of everything. And you get constant opportunities. Compared with the traditional gatekeepers, the internet gives you every opportunity. Sure, you might not make it on the Internet. But that's not the point. You get the opportunity to showcase yourself, create connections, share ideas, learn, earn. And go wild with the route. There is no one stopping you. And you don't need permission.

Go make something, explore the Internet - whatever form it is available to you. Or in whatever form you understand it.