Get It Done Now

If you keep pushing your todo list then it will pile up pretty fast. Articles you need to read, projects you need to start and connections you need to make.

Push it off for days or a week and it will become so huge that you can’t prioritise anymore. Everything will seem like a mountain of task – or the repetition will be such that you will consider eliminating it.

For example, if your daily todo list is to write one joke. And let’s say you push it off everyday for a week. At the end of week, there will be 7 jokes pending for you and other new things will come as well. At this point, you have put yourself in situation which isn’t the best option.

Whatever you do, you will end up feeling exhausted, not getting much done and feeling like a failure.

Failing isn’t big of a deal. But in this case, you set yourself up for a failure. Which could have been avoided by consistency.

Get It Done

If all you are looking for is to have a feeling of getting something done, then you can add easy to do list. Which you do it now too. So by checking that off you will feel like you have done some great work.

But that is a fallacy. What you already do isn’t something the goal of a todo list. Rather it is to kick start some new things, bring change and make tangible output.

So the easy way out isn’t a fulfilling journey. It is an illusion and you better not get fooled.

The alternative is to add todo list for a new thing which you want to do – a new spending habit, making deeper connection or making art. Whatever it is – put aside one hour of your time daily for it. And make the todo list as per that.

Initially the goal is to do something new. Afterwards you can ramp up the hours or add new things. But for now getting the things rolling is the goal.

You Can Do That

So this is a normal trajectory of most new todo list. You start by doing them everyday. And you feel accomplished.

After few days you get so much work that you don’t have time for your todo list. So you put them off. And it starts to pile up. The backlog is huge and it starts to feel intimidating.

Finally you give up. And then your life is back to normal with some new aspirations, some new todo list and the cycle continues.

But here is the fallacy. You know that you can do the new todo list because you did it initially because of the fresh motivation. The problem is the urgency of different work.

The trick here is to consider only 23 hours available for you. Of course you have to drop something’s.

Whatever is your to do list has to be high in priority and that’s how you make any change possible. So drop something of 1 hour, only block your calendar for everything except that 1 hour.

And boom you will have time and priority set in place. Now you only need to have consistency which you will get by being persistence. Go keep making something.