Game Of Thrones Review From Someone Who Didn't Watch It

Game Of Thrones. I didn’t watch it. And I am fine.

You can go back to living your life as a hermit who wakes up only when there is a new season of GOT. Yes, that’s the acronym ‘Game of Thrones’. Pretty lame, I know.

But you are a fan of GOT. And I don’t get it. I know why but I am amazed on how your ignorance – how you got lured into this.

But then this happens so often that, I can’t fathom anymore.

Great, that you watched it. Anyway, how was the season finale? Gotcha…

It was bad, I mean terrible. Who makes their fans wait for so long and deliver shit. You know who – yes GOT.

Of course, there is an element of surprise in every episode – like anybody can die. But you know that, so that’s no surprise anymore. You wonder why that small midget doesn’t die. Aha, so convenient. Because he is a hero. Heroes don’t die.

No matter how much you want to say that ‘Game Of Thrones’ is out of the box. Amazing, surprising and all of that shit, it ain’t.

Because it eventually didn’t have the courage the kill the main lead. Because money is everything – he got famous and they didn’t have any choice.

The Crazy Mania

When GOT came, everyone got thrilled. And hyped the show like it is the best show on the planet. Yes, it is big and there are epic scenes. But that’s it. It ain’t crazy. There are better acting in different series, there are amazing plots in other series. GOT got lucky.

Yes, that’s the truth. Not everyone who gets to no. 1 deserves to be there. But that’s what the people have made it. So it sticks.

Take the example of the no. 1 Youtuber Pewdiepie. His content isn’t great by any stretch. Whatever he does, there are many who does it better.

But life isn’t about rewarding the one with the most talents. You require some hard work and output, you will get rewarded

But to become no. 1, you need to be lucky. It happens in all the industry. So, it ain’t a big thing if GOT got its huge fanbase.

It was luck. And therefore the hype started. Everyone who has watched the GOT started telling their friends how amazing the show is.

And when others didn’t budge their eyes, the fans used the bad marketing trick. They shamed the people who hadn’t watched the series. Hence, they used peer pressure to make others watch it.

And trust me, it ain’t addictive or thrilling to make you jump the seat. But you go in believing and tricking yourself into that.

I have watched the trailer and so-called great scenes from GOT. It was okay – nothing made me like – this is the best show and I want to watch it now. I passed on it. For me, it felt like a generic show with lots of budget and clickbait.

The Ability To Converse

If there is one thing you can use GOT for is to converse with new people. Because if everyone has watched GOT, then it helps if you have watched it too. You can start by discussing the latest episode and the other person will chime in.

And that’s it. Because you can do this with every other show. And that’s the focus of the culture.

When you live in a certain culture where everyone has watched something, it helps if you have watched it too. Because they will talk about references from the series of film. And you can enjoy the joke.

For example, one of the references I use a lot is from the movie ‘Andaz Apna Apna’. When everyone in your room knows the movie, everyone can have a great time.

But that’s not the excuse to watch anything. If you don’t like something, don’t watch. Don’t force yourself to go and sit through hours and hours of content – just to be in the converse.

And GOT is something you should avoid. Because for the references, you can watch a half-hour compilation. Don’t waste watching 100 hours of content, you aren’t going to remember 80 per cent of it.

Only watch something if it is short like ‘Andaz Apna Apna’. For a 2 hour investment, you can enjoy the reference with the friends for a lifetime. And you are going to remember the whole movie because it is a short thing to remember compared to GOT.

Hey GOT fan, do you remember what happened in Season 5, Episode 3. Don’t. I figured. Guess what, I remember everything from the movie ‘Andaz Apna Apna’. Yes, there is something burnt in your house. It’s your heart – who told you to become GOT fan anyway.

Naked Girls

If you think the naked girls and sex scenes in GOT was artistic then you are doomed. Straight up, they hired many girls who already did nude modelling of some kind. And tricked others into doing the scene.

You don’t have to show girls nude to make your point. If you remove the nude scenes and still the scene has impact then the naked scene was introduced to lure in the perverted audience which was you.

If you search for GOT then you will find many videos of such compilations. And trust me, they wanted them. Because it made their series even more famous.

It is a bad trick but it worked in there favour. Many times, there are young girls who are offered such roles. And they don’t have any choice but to accept it. Else, they will find other girls to do the role.

People say, it’s okay as long as the girls are doing it with their consent. But the trick is if they say no to nudity then they won’t get the roles despite how good her acting it. And despite the fact, most nudity is not needed.

Of all the movies, I have seen only 20 per cent of them demanded nudity. Else, the director just wanted such scenes to attract the media. Well played GOT but the cat is out of the hat.

The Sympathy Factor

 If the lead actor was the same but not midget then the GOT wouldn’t have gotten the fame it got. Yes, the actor does the acting but the people who watch them do so with their lens.

And tricking audience to show their empathy or sympathy is with the lines of producers who want to make more money.

Having the lead actor as a midget was a risky choice but it paid off. Because he got some stellar lines and he knows how to deliver them. There you have it – the sympathy factor going hand in hand.

Your emotions are tricked so you end up showing up with your money to spend. For example, Black Panther was a trick so that you can show up supporting the black people’s right. All the superheroes are white and then suddenly when Marvels were losing with their ideas, they see the trend and release Black Panther.

Wonder Woman was in in the same line of promoting feminism. But then too she needed a white man to support her because she is inadequate.

The producers just surf on the trend line and want to make money off your emotions. You are giving in. Be it GOT, superhero movies or Oscar award, they want to show that they care. But they don’t.

They want. MONEY. Yes, that’s what they care about. Next time when you watch something – try to find why they did a certain thing in a certain fashion.

Are they trying to trick you then stay away? Because if you give in, they will do that again and again. Don’t let them make a mockery about your cause.

Predictable Plot

GOT has a plot which is predictable. If you love someone from the cast except the hero, they will die. And if that someone gets high rating score then they can come back to life – Jon Snow.


Yes, they do crazy things to fool the audience. They change plots as and if they want so they can keep the audience happy. It’s all a plot to become the king and all the mishaps. Yes, there are betrayals and deaths.

It’s like a huge family drama that keeps on repeating and going nowhere. Because no one wins. And you are confused about who should win.

You are rooting for someone then that she dies. You have left strangling. And then you decide to let the story flow because it helps you make your time pass. And that is what GOT is all about. It is mindless, semi-porn and acting thrown in between.

The plot is predictable and nothing to be proud of. It isn’t the best plot of the series. It is just famous.

Watch it if you want to do time pass. If you don’t get into after 1st episode then shut it down. It’s anyway better that way.