From Decision Making, Subconscious Behavior To Conquering The World

It is a bit of stretch to take the decision in the moment and then act on it. The act is difficult and asks for energy which drains us.

If you want a big change, then you need to start with some small changes and make it a habit.

But how do you do it? Let’s find out.


It is human nature to put things off. Whenever you have things on your platter, your first instinct is to remove some of them for future.

This is the reason why many of the people don’t end up following passion with the consistency they start with. Also the motivation doesn’t last long because you start to put things off and then you forget about it.

It’s a habit and it can be cured with a counter habit. Something which can help you do things now in the present. A part of it is to value which is in front of you and not think too much about future.

Washing Clothes

Washing the clothes is a pain when you need to get up and do the chore. Whenever I get up the first thing that comes to mind is to sleep back. Laziness is at it’s peak.

So when I go to shower, I am half asleep and the cleansing process is done automatic by me.

I stand there – close my eyes and boom I am clean and fresh. But my that time, I am too clean to wash my clothes. So it becomes a chore for my mother. Which I don’t want to happen.

Mental Game

A lot has to do with mental game. Many people think you can lift heavy weights because of the physical traits you have. But it is the mental energy and focus which helps you deliver the extra lbs on your lift.

Take for example any task – whenever you think you had done enough and can’t go further, try to do one more.  And voila, you would be amazed that you can do that extra rep. It is magical because your brain tricked you into thinking it was enough even though you didn’t reached your peak.

So most of our habits are physical but it starts with a mental note and exercise which slowly builds into something big.

Subconscious Behavior

The magic isn’t in the thinking and doing stuff. It helps but slowly it starts to drain you. Because every time you need to put in the energy to bring out the tiny change you seek. And it seems not profitable.

For example, walking down the home. When you were starting you need to take calculated step and look for the obstacles. But now you can walk down the home to the school and back without even thinking about it. You were talking about something else the whole time.

This is the power of subconscious behavior. And this is what separates superhuman from human.

Taking Decisions Prior

Here is the trick I use. Every night before sleeping, I take a mental note to wash clothes when I walk in shower. I wake up lazy as ever. But the moment I enter the shower, suddenly my brain triggers washing clothes – and with a little push I do it.

First day, I wet the clothes, second day I brush it and then now I wash my clothes everyday while taking shower.

It has crossed in my subconscious behavior. And I can’t be more happy. I hope you find your decision making prior and let the subconscious do the talking.

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