From Being A Consumer To Learner To Creator On The Internet

Internet slows down time. When you are on Instagram scrolling reels, you don't even feel a minute and an hour has passed.

It happens because of theory of relativity by Einstein. When you do something you love, time passes quickly. And when you do something that bothers you, time passes fast.

So is the conclusion that scrolling Instagram something you love. And the answer is YES. But you love many things but you need to give it space for it to be meaningful.

For example, you don't spend 24 hours with your partner. If you do then it might feel bad after some point. So it's important to do other meaningful things and then go back to your partner.

The Sign Of Too Much

When you start spending too much time with your partner that you start bothering then she will tell you.

But when doing things on Internet that you love are so many and none tells you to stop. You can watch Netflix for 10 hours and they won't bother you. You can keep surfing YouTube for hours and they like it. And so is Instagram reels.

And if they trigger are you around button after 4 hours, it to check their ads or content is being consumed by a human being and not a child mistakenly opening apps.

They want you to spend that much time and more - probably all your time. Yes you love them but giving all your time and energy to them isn't a fruitful thing to you.

They Don't Care

Of course they don't care about you. You have to take care of yourself. You can do this with variety of ways.

  1. You can identify apps which consume a lot of your time and set a timer by plugin or extension to limit their usage.
  2. Actively do things which helps you grow first thing and for a significant time like 4 hours. So even if you get sucked in for hours by these apps on the Internet, it's fine.
  3. Segregate activities into sucking your time and enriching your mind or growing your mind. Set allocated times. For example, focused work for growth on Saturdays, enriching your mind on weeks and sucking your time on Sundays.

Your growth happens when your enrich and grow your mind. Keep scrolling those Instagram reels but first learn, understand and create something for yourself.

Keep growing. You are your own saviour. Don't work for the Internet, make Internet work for you.