Free Wifi Is Good But Are You Discriminating

Can a restaurant setting make you understand about the different ways you can discriminate and understand equality better.

My recent trip on one such weekend taught me many things about how people in charge have a responsibility so that almost all the people can be included. If your setting excludes some people, then they are being discriminated.

So once you know where you doing it an okay job, turn that around to make it into an awesome work.

The change starts with you. I am counting on you.

Black Lives Matter

White people have historically discriminated against people of colour. They were oppressed, denied rights and exploited in brutal ways. And that’s why the race for equality started – the movement was named, ‘Black Lives Matter’

Now the current generation reads about this and says, this seems wrong because ‘All Lives Matter’.

Sure all lives do matter but the movement is called black lives matter because the discrimination happened with people of colour. And they had to fight it back, so this movement is a reminder that this happened.

The ideal society will be where no one is discriminated. But we are reaching there – still many people of colour are discriminated.

So the essence of ‘Black Lives Matter’ remains. And if you are someone who wants to see a better society then you should treat people fairly. And stand by the movement because you don’t want people to be oppressed.

But the conditions aren’t at the worst level as compared to the past. Now there aren’t many blatant racisms. Most of the racism now goes on subtle.

See where you are standing and make sure you aren’t part of the problem. Learn, understand and stand by the right.

On Paper No-Discrimination

Many countries have zero tolerance for discrimination on paper. One of the major highlights is equality among all human beings.

But most of the things only end up in the paper. Women’s are treated unfairly, people of colour are still seen with prejudice and immigrants of other countries are looked down upon.

So the status game is still on. But it isn’t direct. Because there is a fear of going to jail.

When a woman goes for a job, the interviewer might offer her low pay just because she is a woman. The reason might be given as her skills aren’t a match but their bias is at play.

So because there is a rule of equality and laws against discrimination, people who want to do discrimination are doing it under other disguises.

It’s wrong and one of the recent movements- feminism is the response to such things against women.

They have been denied many rights, tortured mentally and made them feel inferior to men. So feminism is a movement in some countries to make better laws and in other countries to change the mindset and attitude of people towards women.

Free Wifi

You love to eat at different places because making your senses respond to aroma, touch and juicy temptation of the food is your go-to pleasure.

One of the main draws of a modern restaurant is the free wifi it provides to people. But it is locked down by the password which you can get only when you ask the waiter to give it to you.

And you are given that only when you order something. That seems fair.

But then you are an introvert who don’t like to make many small talks. So you order your food and then start munching on it.

The act of asking for the password makes you feel anxious because it is a restaurant for food and not an internet cafe. So you shut up and eat your food. The restaurant didn’t intentionally discriminate against you but you ended up not getting the benefit.

So if you are a restaurant owner, you should employ better ways of distributing a password. You can write it down on note while giving the food.

Which will result in everyone getting the password without even asking for it. And if someone who is visually disabled comes, you can give the password in braille.

By making it accessible in easy ways, you can ensure all the people should get the benefit or you might end up discriminating against someone, which isn’t a nice thing.

Check Yourself

Wherever you are – in business or in friends group, check yourself – are the results of your actions gets someone being discriminated.

The first step to a better society is to judge yourself and make better choices. If everyone inspects their actions, less and fewer people will be discriminated.

And eventually, we can lead towards a more fulfilling and equality driven society – and aren’t we all aiming for that. So let’s prove that with our action too.