Fooled By Spectrum

Television Saved The World

In 1950, 9 percent of the people in the US had televisions, and by 1962, almost 90 percent got TV.

Following is about the magic moment that TV created.

Limitation Of Spectrum

Heinrich Hertz demonstrates what Maxwell theorized that they are more than the traditional VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red).

For example, there are gamma rays which helped Bruce turn into Incredible Hulk and X-ray, which enables to scan bones.

And then there are high-frequency rays which enabled radio and televisions. All the right at different frequency is a part of the spectrum.

The spectrum of light is scarce. You can try to put more channels because analog is precise you need to put in spacing between channels. So initially there were limited channels, unlike today.

All because there are technical and economic reasons for this setup.

Radio And Television

Everything was local when TV was around. So everyone and their own local hero, news and so on. Hence you might win in the local market because there weren’t many competitors.

But then the radio came in, and for the economics were awesome. Because it didn’t cost them much to beam the radio to another city or other part of the world.

So suddenly the local shifted. And you can get the same heroes in every part of the world. The culture shifted from the ghetto to the world stage.

This lasted from 1940 till 2000 as the culture people were living in. So brands made a fortune by advertising on TV.

Average stuff was being made for average people and being advertised all over the world.

Digital Spectrum

Once digital showed up, you can have billions of digital channels because of new advancements. At the same time, it became cheaper to make TV like the content.

Also, people shifted to have desire specific things and not what other people were having.

Scarcity of spectrum helped many decisions like movies. Because of limited slots in theatres and spectrum on theatre, those movies which got in and advertised heavily got seen more.

Fooled by Spectrum

The magic of TV and its alignment with scarcity in the physical world changed the culture.

The reason there are nationwide chain stores because there is nation wide TV. The reason there are nation wide brands there is nationwide advertising.

Scarcity of shelf case lined up with scarcity of spectrum. So a chain was fueled by capitalism and public market. Not everything would get distributed, and those who get distributed will be bought, and thus they will buy ads, and the chain will continue, ultimately dictating what you want.

1000 True Fans

Due to limited spectrum, everything that was distributed was for mass media people. And thus Oprah wasn’t distributed as often.

But now you can choose to listen to Oprah. Because now it isn’t possible to have nation wide brands and voices. Go and listen and interact with specific people who can give what you want.

Infinite spectrum enables you and everyone to have a Minimum Viable audience. If you have 1000 fans interacting, then you survive and more. It doesn’t matter if big brands don’t want to distribute you.

Heinz, the ketchup company reporter huge earnings losses because things that worked for them didn’t work anymore.

Now what works is your passion and interact with enough people. You aren’t looking for 10 million people – those were fueled by limited spectrum.

Enter the internet – infinite spectrum, a micro market where there are so many possibilities.The Opportunity Ahead

Yes, there are some cons of living in your own filter bubble because you will read what you agree on. And the forces at high room might take advantage of you.

But the pros are enormous. You can interact, make connections happen, and grow, which might not be possible earlier.

You make it happen – thousands of people are making a difference, earning money and connecting instead of just a few people who had created a scarce market.

You don’t need a big budget and marketing to everyone to make a difference.


  • Your take on focus when you start too many things?

Real artist ship. It isn’t the idea generation, which is your work. Instead, it is your persistence and discipline to stick with an idea and do something when another idea is shinier.

So do the work, be generous, and do the shipping. It might not work the first time or the tenth time. To those, you seek to serve to enable you to do the best work of yours.

  • How to test yourself for being supple?

One way to understand being supple is to test how you go about some decisions.

For example, if you are planning a trip and your 7 bags are checked in, then you aren’t being supple. Compare that someone who has just 1 bag ready to switch gears when something comes up.

The underlying issue is how to deal with sunk costs, which will make you supple.

Take this example, if you are on a flight and an offer is made of $400 to take a later trip of 1 hour. So do you choose the offer or sit there because of your prior decision.

Ignoring sunk costs to make a new decision can help you know how supple you are.

  • Working to become linchpin? And for that, I went out above job descriptions and still the reviews of annual job evaluations re average, how to deal with that?

Seth Godin: I am sorry that people who you are working with aren’t getting the point, and I can feel your pain.

A linchpin does extra that any organization will embrace, but the fact is many managers want cog because they can control.

Hence future belongs to an organization which has the magic – and can’t be replaced by AI. But we are still in transition.

If you are in a company that rewards cog, then you will not be rewarded mostly if you are a linchpin. But be good news is that it is a signal that the organizations aren’t for you.

Start looking for somewhere else where a linchpin will be rewarded. You got the hint, being a linchpin that should be your goal. Because pretending to be a cog is way worse.

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