First Mover Advantage To Help You

Being successful isn’t guaranteed. Sure, you can improve your life. But if you fail to earn more money then that only implies that you are bad at earning money. 

There is no relation to how you are as a human being, your character or your hard work. 

More than success, you should be aiming for yourself doing a beautiful work. Something you are proud of. Something you will want to share and make impact. Did you do something to make the world a better place than it was earlier. 

There are many ways to navigate life. And often you can find roadblocks. Along with opportunities that can take your art to the next level. Being first helps a lot. And the Internet provides you with many such opportunities. 

Next time, you experience something like the first mover advantage – simply dive in. You won’t know better otherwise. 

Traditional First Mover Advantage 

If you are first in doing something then you would have the first mover advantage. For example, if no one is using Internet. And you came along and made a website of shopping – then you are the first mover. 

Case in point, Amazon. They were the first and hence it helped them to become the giant they are now. 

But there can be the case when you are too early. Then it doesn’t work. Regardless, you won’t know unless you try it out. 

When everyone is talking about something like Bitcoin then the novelty has already gone. 

When something is slowly being worked upon, you aren’t sure. And there is some confusion on whether something will work, then you know you are early. Bounce upon the opportunity and become the first. But then go all in, give your best. So if you fail, you would know it wasn’t because of not trying hard enough. 

New Platforms 

Nowadays, the same thing is happening at rapid pace. The new platforms are emerging like crazy. And when you think about it too long, the novelty goes asap. 

For example, vine came and then went out of business. But those who captured the opportunity – became famous and got careers lifted. 

And now you have TikTok which has made many stars. 

The point is there will be many new platforms emerging for any kind of talent you have. The trick is to have your presence – in the established platforms. But be on the lookout for the new ones. So, you can thrive on it as long as you give some solid art, talent and show generosity. 

Do What Works 

Also, you don’t have to feel pressurized to do ten different things. Yes, social media and other growing platforms are amazing. 

But you should do stuff which aligns with what you want to do. For example, if you are a dancer then right now Instagram is the best platform to showcase, collaborate and get new work. 

So, go to places where your community is thriving and then you can do the required work. Focus on being generous, doing the best work and keep reaching out. 

Be Aligned What You Want 

Don’t let others get to your head. Sure, take advice, be funky and follow others. But you are you. So, decide for yourself on what you want. 

Many times, there exists an illusion on what you love. In the short term, you might like something and you might confuse it as a passion. 

Remember, to ask yourself – would do do something even if no one interacted or paid you. If the answer is YES then go for it. Else, keep digging to find out what you want.