Finding The Why

Killing is the worst thing you can do to a person. Because they will die and there remains no hope for them to live. Because they died.

But some people believe torture is the worst thing to happen. Because it makes the living life of a human hell.

The jury is still out there – on what is the worst thing to do. Maybe the worst is yet to come. Aside from these crimes, there are other things which are criminal in nature and some things which are wrong.

The society works one weird fashion – consider this fact: many of the wrong things takes birth from the society norms. And the same society treats criminal of any nature as the worst of the worst. And then sometimes resort to do the justice themselves. By becoming a criminal in the act. But don’t worry, they won’t go to the jail because there is no strict laws for mob crimes as such.

Punishing Or Revenge

Often the instinctive response to a crime is revenge. You might have heard slogans such as – hang the rapist or kill those murderers. Well if you ask for specific things as per your taste in a passionate form and won’t be happy otherwise then you are looking for revenge. And that ain’t justice.

If you consider murder as the horrible thing then you asking for killing the murderer is doing the horrible thing again. Capital punishment is what they call when killing the person who is charged with highest crimes.

Remember that your goal should be to ask for justice and not for revenge. Also when you get the justice and the person has done their time, you should treat them with dignity when they transition back to society, if they do.

The Why

Every crime should be punished for sure. But there is a justice system in place and each person has the right to say anything in their defence.

The purpose of this isn’t to have some fun while you are eating popcorn. It is to understand the why of the crime. And that is where you as a human and probably society comes into function to make things right.

Let’s take an example of a kid snatching gold chain vs a kid snatching burger. Both are thefts – but one is for more money in short term and another is to survive the night. Now as a society there shouldn’t be anyone who should sleep without food. Even if they don’t work there should be a system to feed them the basic things.

Both crimes on paper is same – theft. But the why changes t he equation and the possible steps you need to take.

Maybe if you could make some situation for the kid to have food, she will focus on other good things. Sure punish her too but you can see there is a better hope for her come back into the society and a larger onus is on the society to make things better for her.

Look for why, understand it and open up your mind to different perspectives and approaches to life and beyond.