Excel In Life

Excel In Life

From childhood, you are pushed to excel in your life. There are many reasons - your parents want to find success through you, your parents want good things for you or that's how their meaning of life is.

If you are not chasing something in life, then are you even living it. If you find someone relaxing and enjoying life, society will often tell you to do something and get more things.

The idea of getting more money, materials or relationships isn't inherently bad. But are you chasing it because you want them or because the world has told you that you need it?

What does it mean to excel in life?

One of the common meanings of excellence in life is studies. You go to school and get in the most marks. Because that would ensure you go to the best college. And get a nice high paying job.

But the reality is that you need to know things and have other skills like making a conversation, typing an email, and team building, making you a potential employee. Sure, education matters - but not in the spirit to get more marks. But rather to understand the things being learnt. And having a good enough understanding.

Fun fact: You can get many jobs without a degree if you learn what you need to do anyhow. Hint: Learn free on the internet.

Another fun fact: Some jobs do require degrees like medicines and architecture. But the idea isn't to hire the best-scored girl. Rather, you will have to intern and prove your worth and then get a job. And for an internship, just passing is enough.

Excel means learning, and that not necessarily means good marks. It means you have the curiosity, interest and thrill for a certain subject.

Getting Huge Loads Of Money

Sure, getting lots of money is a surefire way to get most things in life. And in that sense, you can excel in life.

Wealth from money is a beautiful thing. You can say bye-bye to your medical bills, be prepared to take care of your parents and take a vacation anytime you like. So do get them - but do decide on what's enough for you. And after that, work for the thrill of it.

Because constantly chasing money will not excel your life. At that point, you will be grinding for a status quo. And that will spiral you to bad times.

Health Is Wealth

When you are young - it's easy to get lost in the rat race. Or doing things because you feel like it. As such, you can injure yourself, get into accidents and develop unhealthy eating habits.

It all seems fun. But old age isn't fun. And you have got only one body for your entire life. All the pain, injuries and unhealthy habits catch up. It shows when you are old, and the pain becomes unbearable.

Wealth, of course, is a key to excelling in life. But not at the cost of your health.

Developing Relationships

Your mom, dad, siblings, lover and friends are your backbone. And they are the reasons for joy in your life. If you want to be happy, buy something for yourself. If you want to be swept by your feet with delight - buy something for your mom. Seeing the light in the eyes of people who matter to you is the best thing.

And most things become wonderful with compounding - meaning work on it for years. Be it money, relationships or your health - work for the long term.

Invest money for the long term, make relationships for the long term, and make decisions for your body, keeping in mind the health situation that will come in later years.

Your Definition

With all that said, it's your life, after all. So, what it means to excel in life is something you have to decide. Maybe, you decide the money is the most important thing at every cost. So, that's how you can excel. Or maybe you decide family and health are important. Or perhaps a balance. Once you decide what are the things that matter to you - in defined priority, you can decide and act.

Nothing wrong or right about it. Your choices don't have to make sense to society. As long as you are content with it, that's great.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, freedom to change the priority and leave anything mid-way. Your life is limited, and you don't want to live up to the bad decisions of your past. You make mistakes, you make decisions, you revisit and decide what's best for you. Sit down, write what matters to you, how you can do more of something and less of other things - act upon it to excel in life.

Remember, to keep enjoying your present while you are chasing excellence in life. Because that's all you got.

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