Everything You’veBeen Told About Money Is Wrong

Money is showcased as a powerful tool and the narrative is something often seen is movies, friends and dreams which you been sold.

But do they know the difference between the pension retirement fund and investment opportunities. Let’s learn about money from the finance guy himself – Ramit Sethi who shares his nuggets in the interview with Matt D’Avella

About Ramit Sethi

Ramit started his journey of finance in his college days when he invested half of his scholarship amount in stocks and lost them.

Slowly he started learning about psychology, finance and how things works – made a blog named ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ and write a book of the same name.. And now has courses more than 20 in number on different areas of career, money and living a rich life.

Cutting Back

Ramit doesn’t believe in the idea of cutting back on lattes to save money. Instead he urges you to focus on the top 5 things in your life. Those can be job, investment, relationship and few others as per your nature.

The rest will take care of itself. Enjoy your lattes.

But here is the tricky part. You have to know your money dials, as Ramit calls them. Find out what you truly desire. And spend way above on those things and then you can ignore things you don’t care about.

Find out what is yours and then you spend guilt free on them as long as you cut mercilessly on things you don’t care about.


The rich life you want is something only you can decide. You choose to retire early with few hundred thousand dollars and live a low life. Or you can decide to party all night everyday.

Whatever it is – you need to imagine that. Get over the question about what you can’t do. Instead think of the situations where you would have money and your desires. And then you can work backwards from there to get there.

And if you are in debt, first go and find how much you owe. Then find your debt payoff date. Because once you do that, you know the date when you debt will be zero. And because you have a plan, you will keep moving forward towards your rich life.

Ramit’s Approach

The worst way to teach about finance is to lecture and tell you about numbers. Ramit focuses on the behaviour and gives you exact word by word scripts to get refund of fees from banks and cable companies.

A normal person doesn’t want to know about excel sheets and graphs – they want to know that they can take control of their money. And working only one hour per month can make your money go in all the right places – investment, savings and guilt free spendings.

Changing Your Thoughts

The way you have been grown up can inform most of your financial decisions:

  1. Cheap is good
  2. If you spend more money then you are being ripped
  3. Don’t talk about money.

If you want to take a deep dive on why you do certain things – take a magnifying look in your family history and upbringing. And then challenge it, change it.

How To Get Raise In A Job

The worst way to ask for a raise is to barge in your boss’s office and ask for it. And rightly so you will be rejected.

The smart way is to book a meeting with your boss for a project you are doing. And then ask her on how to be the top performer. She might say some goals and then you write it down. Also say to her that if you hit that goals, you would love a salary adjustment.

Now go back and work hard to hit those goals. It would take you 6 months or more but keep updating every month to your boss about the promise and update.

Assuming you delivered on the result, fix another meeting. Show how you exceeded the goals and now ask for a salary adjustment. And sure enough your boss is going to give that because you have proved you are the top performer.

How Should Freelancer Grow Business

First stop low value clients and focus on your offerings. Remember that whatever you do there is someone who charges 10 times more than you.

Instead of thinking low about themselves, become curious. Study them and then execute that things in your offerings. There are tens of things you can do to position yourself and make the service better. And then the pay gets better, you don’t have to chase many clients.

Just focus on becoming better and being a brand. The big clients will come. Of course you have to deliver at high stakes.