Everything Is Fine

Even if it ain’t fine for you.

You hate tobacco. You don’t like the taste or the fact that it causes cancer. However when someone enjoys tobacco, it’s fine.

Because it ain’t illegal. And you have no authority or superiority to tell them to stop eating tobacco.

Friends Or Not

If you don’t like what someone is doing then don’t be friends with them. Or just let it be.

Because chances are you would be doing something legal yet annoying for others.

It’s fine because you are a human being of choice. However don’t blame for the consequence of choices.

For example, if someone eating tobacco gets cancer – don’t go and mock them. Because you would be having bad habits too. It doesn’t mean you should be mocked when you are down.

You could be eating chips, chocolates, ice cream, doing adventurous sports, eating tobacco and bunch of other things.

In moderation is fine, but too much is dangerous. Most of humans do something in too much.

So just chill when your standard doesn’t match with the others.

Accept With Flaws

A beautiful example is when you start dating someone. You suddenly realise either you are too hygienic or poorly hygienic.

If you expect others to change then remember that’s a negotiation and not relationship.

Either you accept with flaws because you too have them. Or live in solitary with peace.