Even On Slow Days, Especially On Slow Days

When you make a choice to do the work that matters, then make sure you found excuses to do them often.

For example, if you want to improve education, then write about them, try to reflect it on your debates, products and services. If you own a business, you can use 10 percent of the income to fund a school.

Or you can raise awareness about it by hosting events. Whatever you do, make sure your goal is highlighted.

And the beauty is that there can be many goals – you can care about water, education, unemployment, justice and many more. And because of the internet and the connectivity it brings in, you have more choices then ever to do the work which brings you happiness.


There are days when you feel like supergirl when you do the best work. If your passion is writing, you sit down and write 1000’s of word and doesn’t feel like anything. Or if you are singer, you practice for hours and your throat is still fine.

But then those days don’t come everyday. There are days which feel like a stretch. Singing even one song, writing even one word might feel like moving a mountain.

Those are the days when your inner voice will tell you to stop – it’s okay. You may rest.

But that is only okay if you are not well in true sense. If you are just being lazy then you need to ramp up your game.

Such days will keep on coming, but when you continue to push along and do the work especially on slow days, that’s when you make a huge difference. Because once you give in, it starts to become a habit of dropping your guards each time you feel lazy.

So do the opposite – define a minimum amount of work you should do even when you feel like lazy. Unless you got no fever, there shouldn’t be any reason whatsoever.

The Streak Is Important

Initially it would take high willpower to do something consistently. But after a certain threshold, say 3 months – you will start craving for it.

So stick with your work for long enough that it becomes a part of you. And you would do it as if it were second nature. And that’s how you can bring in massive change over large course of time – by working on it one day at a time.

The best thing about doing something often and preferably daily is that it brings out the best in you. As you keep at it, you progress.

Different avenues gets discovered. And you start making better work. Sometimes you find new passion and you can map your habit to that passion. Nevertheless, the habit helps a lot for anything new, groundbreaking you wish to do. Even if you fail by doing so, you will be content that you gave your legit best.

Then it would be easy to wrap up and start a new thing to do the work – again one day at a time. Working diligently on great days but working especially on slow days.