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Enroll Yourself

Time is of essence and you got only 24 hours of it everyday. And half the time is spent in sleeping and getting prepared. How do you spend it determines what you will achieve. Not in your life – but everyday which builds upon itself.

Holidays are fun – you got a whole day to yourself. Finally you can spend your time with your family and friends. No more deadlines and pressure – the whole world seems at peace.

But when you come home for a 5 day holiday, you plan on doing 10 things and end up doing nothing. After resting for 1 day, it seems enough and now you have 4 more days to pass before you join in to drill in your day job. Watching a new series is on the pipeline but with infinite shows, you spend more time on surfing what to watch rather than actually watching any series.

Series Of Event

When you have excess holidays and you are doing nothing then chances are you didn’t plan it out. Whatever happens having a plan about what to do helps in doing the things. Yes, sometimes going on a whim is good but not always.

Planning your days in week is magical – because you plan it better beforehand than on the same day. So your days become series of event which you have to do or attend. And not something which you need to bother.

Take some time every Friday and plan for the next weekend. And soon your weekends will be less stressful and more fulfilling. Yes, do something weird and out of ordinary – but try to plan that out too in future. It only helps if you can plan efficiently. Because a lot of your time is saved and utilized in a proper manner.


Go ahead and enroll yourself in something. It can be anything out of ordinary for the moment – yoga, dance or cake making. Go and pay the fees for a week of learning.

If you go then you will have learnt something new and fun. Stories which you can share with your friends and family as memories. And if not then you will realize it isn’t something fascinating to push you so go and try to enroll in something else.

And if you find something more interesting after doing it for 1 week then go for 2 weeks next time. Boom you might find something engaging and interesting thing to do in your back pack.

Go crazy about learning new stuff, and be open to more failures – you will be fine.

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