Either You Trust

Or you don’t. There isn’t some middle ground where you trust but feel need to check in between.

Practical life is in stark contrast with the ideal life. When you are growing up, you are told to behave nicely, speak truth, be honest in work and never cheat anyone. But as soon as you grow up, people call you names if you are honest. Sometimes they expect you to do your work with dishonesty because that’s how everyone else is doing the work.

So there is some decision to be made – do you do what you believe in. Or you resort to practical methods no matter if it aligns with your ideology.

And that’s a tough question to wrestle with. But for the most part or in many situations you should resort to being a good girl you aspired to be.

Because people will try to bring you down, abuse your verbally, mock you but in the end you will be happy to lead a great life with your terms.


When you are in a relationship, the biggest thing a person promises is trust. And that means not checking on your phone in your absence. Or doubting your partner when she comes late at night.

There is no middle line in trust. You can’t spy and then announce I trust you because I found no evidence.

It is I trust you that’s why I won’t check on you. If I feel like not trusting then checking the phone isn’t needed, I will simply break off with you.

You can’t say someone that you trust them and then ask them for explanation. Either you trust them or you don’t.


Is this something called blind trust? Maybe but that is the essence of it. If you have inhibitions and you want to check something then it’s better to break it off. Because even though the other person might come out of it pure, that feeling might stay or come again.

For example, in Ramayan, Ram asks Sita to give the purity test. And she gives it and comes out of it pure. But later in life, Ram still doubts Sita. So resist the temptation to test someone. Because when you do so, you have already lost trust.

You can start by judging someone initially but once you reach the level of trust then give it your 100 percent. That’s it – now go and trust yourself you can do it, go make something.