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Eating Tasty Food

Every other weekend I hop on with my friend to a Chinese restaurant. And our usual order is Triple rice which comes with egg and soup.

And the egg is the tastiest of the food on the menu. So how do you go about eating it – in the end or asap. Let’s find out.


My friend laughs every time when she sees me eating the egg asap. Because she is the one who has the egg till the end. And she use that opportunity sometimes to tease me and eat.

Her principle is to save the best for the last. So if the meal isn’t that great, she would have a great feeling once the meal is over. And come out generally more happy than others.

But I wonder is she unhappy the whole time eating the meal because she is saving her happiness for the end.


I am the weird one – because whenever I see the egg with my Chinese food, I gobble down the egg asap. And then it’s gone.

Suddenly midway of my meal, I realize my friend still has it. And mine is gone. I try to focus on my meal but then the smell of egg comes in – maybe I am smelling something which I want. A thought comes into my mind to steal but I know she is saving the egg for the last.

So I do the most adult thing ever. I eat my rice and if I can’t hold myself, I order one egg on the side. I wonder why I didn’t thought of this earlier. Limiting isn’t the option, abundance is.

Optional Balanced

How about eating your favorite egg slowly over the course of the meal. That way you will enjoy the bits of flavor while the mean lasts. And you won’t be feeling any bad vibes either in the beginning or at the end.

But that isn’t the ideal way. Because there isn’t any one way to go about it. Your life is meant to be lived by your visions and how others feel about it shouldn’t change it.

You can get inspired and then if you feel like it then do the new thing. Else do whatever pleases you – I don’t mind.

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