Eating Alone Being Happy

Eating alone and being happy. Is there a way to achieve this. In the world of social media and constant need to watch something – you feel bored. And you don’t want to be bored.

Also, while you eat. You are feeling bored. And you see it as a waste of time. Hence, the modern-day eating feels good when you are watching something. A movie or series. And eating food is a process you need to get over with.

This becomes necessary when you are eating alone. Because there is no one to share your eating experience.

Partly True

Sure, a conversation adds spice to the dining experience. And relationships get deepen when you are talking while eating food.

Because eating food is an intimate moment. And if you are sharing this, it is the beginning or the next steps in possible relationships.

Pro tip: If you are not bonding enough then try cooking and eating food together. This will automatically consume at least hours. And you will have bonded over many conversations. No matter how busy you are in the family, the family who eats together stays together. Extend this idea to any and every relationship.

The Idea Of Freedom

Getting up without an alarm clock is a freedom few people enjoy. And that is the thing you should aspire to. Being humans, you have everything in unlimited potential. But the time and how you exercise it is limited.

When you get back control of your time, you are living a life of freedom. And it’s amazing.

On a similar note, when you can sit down and enjoy your meal without hurry. Then you are enjoying an amazing meal.

Because you can afford to be slow. If you want to watch something, you do while eating. If you don’t then you simply enjoy your meal.

This is a luxury you can afford when you have the freedom of time and luxury of good meals. The problem is many people have those luxuries but still tune in to watch something while eating. Those people are missing something fundamental.

Happiness In Things, A Choice

Being bored is a great thing. Because it wires up your neurons. And you come up with weird, creative and new things.

Also, when you associate a certain feeling with activity, you get limited. Of course, eating with someone is amazing. But so is eating alone. But in society, eating alone is considered lonely.

The thing is you can discover yourself, enjoy the meal which is prepared with so much love. And you don’t have to engage in anything else. You are having a moment with yourself.

And yes, you can be happy while eating with someone and also alone. Because being happy is a choice you make. It doesn’t depend upon any other definitions. It is what you think about the situation and yourself.

When you choose to be happy, you enjoy things more. Eating alone is fine, okay and generous thing you can do for yourself.