Eat Your Toffee Now

Delaying gratification to have something to look forward tomorrow – not reading nice email all today – keep some for tomorrow

Being a kid, all types of experiment had been done on you. One fine day, you were sleeping and minding your own business. And then your dad picked you up to make sure you don’t wake up – showing mom that he is awesome. Seeing this your mom did the same and you pretend to sleep in hopes of they keeping you down.

Nothing works so you cry – completely random. But one of your parents won the game and another got sad.

As you reached the age of 3, they kept the money, ice cream and toy in front of you. No matter what you choose, they are going to make some joke.

If you pick money then they will predict that you are going to be money minded, if you pick ice cream then you are going to be a foodie. Or if you pick toy then you will be termed innocent.

They lack to see that it doesn’t matter to you. Depending on how you feel, you might pick money for playing, a toy for eating an ice-cream to trade it later for a toy. But there is one game which helps your parents understand you in a better manner.

Enter delayed gratification

Now that you are 8 years old, you are given a toffee. But if you don’t eat it then there is a promise of 2 toffees later.

Of course, there is a benefit of an extra toffee, many kids choose to eat the toffee because it is there in front of the eyes and it is tempting. But few kids choose to not eat it hence delaying gratification.

The kids who choose to wait and delay the pleasure have a different reaction to instances in life.

Now that you are an adult, there is no promise of another toffee. But if you avoided eating toffee as a practice then you can choose to delay the happiness. And it helps a lot to stay stable, humble and focused on forward momentum.

What Next

I love to read and often I find myself with 10s of the article to read. So I save a few of them in pockets to read later.

So that tomorrow there is always a reading experience waiting for me. You can do this with anything you like. You might love jackets. So don’t shop on impulse, wait for occasions to reward yourself.

Delaying gratification and doing things because you decided upon it makes you powerful.

The alternative is to give in to impulses and make rapid decisions – which has chances of regret high.

So take the decision making power in your hand and brain. Yes, that restaurant is in trend, this cloth is super good. But you will not give in. And decide an occasion or theme to indulge in the spree. This way you end up making a better decision because you don’t act on everything in an instant. You let it stick, think about it and then make a firm decision on them.