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Easy To Buy Things And Want Them More, Difficult To Feel Hunger For Passion

When your marriage is going down it is easy to call someone and arrange for a party. But all it would do is create an image of happiness and the problems won’t get solved. Your marriage is still going to break.

On the other hand if you open up and talk, think and let the discussion flow then either of 2 things will happen.

You will come to terms and work towards fixing the marriage. Or it will still break but this time both of you will be content with the outcome. And deal it with like a sober adult.

Or let’s consider the classic example of losing weight. When you decide that you need to lose fat, you go on and buy the yoga mat, new clothes and gym memberships. And now you watch at least 10 YouTube videos on losing weight.

Of course, the lessons and principles will help. But they won’t unless you get down and do something about it in practical sense.

Watch 100 videos but they won’t help you lose weight. You have to do the exercise, diet and count the calories and then you will see some progress.

The Outward Things

It is easy to get caught up in the outward things. When you see an entrepreneur with success beyond imagination, it is easy to see the outlier habits. How she talks, what she wears and how she says no to many business.

But you might not know that when she was getting the things going, she was shy – didn’t know how to dress and would accept every client for money.

The basic is to get down and do the work – sometimes hard, sometimes smart and most importantly emotional one.

Your Creative Work

Whatever it is which makes you feel accomplished, awesome – do it. You don’t need shoes to run, it helps. But if you want to run then run. No excuses.

Same goes for anything – want to make educational videos then make one with your phone camera. A professional camera helps, audio host and edit services help but the basic is to start with whatever you have.

Do a quick check to see if you are limiting yourself in your passion for lack of things. While in reality you can start now. Either way go make something.

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