Don’t Worry

Bad things happen and will happen to you. Because life is unpredictable, there will be sudden gear shifts all the time. The one thing you can do is think you are the boss. Make plans and live your life accordingly.

But that way, you are setting yourself up for failure. Because life will surprise you. The next best thing to do is to make plans and move ahead. However, anticipate the sudden curve balls life is going to throw at you.

Slowly you will become more agile, happy and habitual. Your success often doesn’t come from the plans which you make.

The best things come from your reaction to life’s weird situation. What is your immediate response when something terrible happens – is it worry, sadness or confusion…?


The first simple reaction is to become unhappy. Your dog died, the results weren’t flattering, or the apple mustard isn’t that sweet. The second reaction is the complicated one and which decides how your life will turn out.

If you keep agonizing yourself on the unfortunate situation for long, then it will take over you. The feeling of sadness will linger for a good amount of time. And it might end up ruining your day.

It is clear to say that these are the things which you don’t want. Taking a moment of sadness and making it into a sad day or week isn’t something you want to do.

But those are your emotions, and the best thing you know is they can’t be controlled. It comes like a tornado and does the damage and goes by. You realize all of these things a bit late, and at this point, you can’t do much.

The Alternative

The practice is the key to bring good changes in your life. Sure, you can’t suppress your feelings and you shouldn’t. The best thing is to make them cool by giving it a thought. For example, when your order of fries comes soggy – you are sad. Now ask whether your angry comment will make the fries better-?

The answer is that – no matter your tone of dialogue, they will replace your fries. So why take tension. Simply ask for another fries.

And if they didn’t give you when asked politely – it isn’t worth the hassle of asking them in an angry tone. If you really want to do something, then file a formal complaint and don’t take the reference number. Move on, you got better things to do.

The Habit

Slowly you can take this outlook on life’s instance and apply it to complex situations. Your mind will become calmer, your heart won’t race, and your objective lens will be on your eyes ever.

Yes, it is difficult to see things and remain indifferent. It takes practice, and you will have to deliberately do it to make an awesome impact on your life.

But the first step is simple – don’t worry for simple mishaps and don’t ruin your day. Move on easy and fast for small, petty things. And become so big that many things seem trivial to you.