Don’t Rant When You Are Angry

Getting angry is easy because everyone has a trigger point. For some it is inconvenience and for others it is something related to family. And when someone jumps on your nerves, it is easy to lose your calm.

And then you act weird, wrong and do some things which you regret later on. No matter how hard you try, you can’t do good things while you are angry.

It is an emotion which spreads hate and destroys thing in between. And your logical sane mind is shut off when you lose your mind.

Most of the times, it isn’t the things people do but the reaction which you showcase. For example, if someone cuts in front of you in a line, you can ask them politely to do the right thing. Or you can snap and shout at her – and when you do the shouting, you become a person who isn’t doing the right thing.

When other people do bad things, it doesn’t give you the authority or any leniency to do the bad things.

On the flip side, at such times you need to held your moral even higher. Because that’s how you can solve any conflict and come to a middle ground solution.

The Social Media Blog

Once you get angry about something, it can easily flow in other areas of your day. You might think about it few times and then it sticks with you for a longer time.

And now with the increase in social media bashing, it is easy to write down your angry comments and share them with the world. Not to see some change happen, bring in impact or inspire people. But to feel good about yourself.

As such the comments is fueled with fire. And you are typing fast because there are multiple thoughts flowing in your brain, most of which are negative.

You try to write it all down and you feel the more you bash the people or company, the better you will feel. So you write down on multiple social media sites, go on other people’s feed and then comment the same thing over there. Slowly you start spamming to fuel your negative energy.

Distilled Thoughts

Take a bow and be the bigger person. It is not fruitful to do anything when you are angry because it doesn’t help anyone.

The best approach is to accept that you are angry. Go for a walk, eat, sleep or talk with mom (I can’t talk with anger with my mom) so that the highest phase of angerness goes away. When the feeling is at all time high, you feel a thousand neurons hitting you. And all of them tells you to do some bad things.

It is better to let your body and mind calm down. And then think about the problem in the rational way possible.

The distilled thoughts which comes now will be better, impactful and more importantly polite and others will be inclined to listen.

Keep calm, let the thoughts settle in and then speak with your brain in the right place. You are awesome, why ruin it.